Target Selection vs Excess Transport Capacity

  • Let’s say I have a battlecruiser, 2 light cruisers, and 6 transports, which are carrying a total of one infantry and one Arm. Because I have excess transport capacity, I elect to specify the infantry is carried by one transport and the Arm is carried by another (even though they could both fit on one transport). I am attacked by 3 tactical bombers which achieve two total hits, one of which is in the range of 1-3 (target selection). My opponent chooses to hit the transport carrying the Arm. As my 2nd hit, I choose to lose one of my light cruisers. It doesn’t matter that I have “extra” transports, correct? Target selection allows my opponent to pick the one carrying the Arm. Just want to make sure I have a solid understanding.

  • Yes, rule 9.6 says that naval transports must be chosen last as casualties unless the Attacker applies Target selection.

    He can choose to target the transport carrying the armor, but you can’t choose an empty transport as the other casualty.

  • @noneshallpass Thanks, NoneShallPass!

    Which one are you, None? Aesop Rock or Monty Python?

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