"International Brigade" in Moscow even after Republican Spain Aligns?

  • Is my assumption correct here?

    It is clear if there is victory for Nationalist Spain, their “Blue Divisions” do not appear in Berlin in the case of alignment to Germany.

    However I do not see the same when it comes to a Republican Spain victory. So even in the case of Rep. Spain aligning to the Commintern, the USSR would still receive an “International Brigade” in Moscow every turn for the rest of the game?

    Just wanted to be sure, am I missing something?


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    @jbuckbuddy In both cases the winner gets that free infantry for the rest of the game. It says that right there in the rules for the Spanish Civil War.

  • @generalhandgrenade I understand that but it also mentions if Nationalist Spain later aligns, they no longer get blue divisions in berlin. I didn’t see that for a Republican Spain, I just wanted to verify that if they align to the Commintern, Moscow would still get the International Brigades.

  • Somewhat tangentially, do the brigades still form if Madrid and or Spain falls to another faction?

  • If a Comintern victory gets a free infantry in Moscow, there is nothing in rule 13.1 that this will change this when the status of Spain changes.

    Note that this does not mean that Spain actually sends troops to Moscow, but implies that the communist victory in the SCW attracts volunteers to fight with the USSR, much as many volunteered to fight with the republicans in the real SCW.

    However, if an Axis victory gets a free infantry (Blue Division) in Berlin, the status of Spain may affect this later.

    Note that Rule 13.1 mentions that the Blue Division is placed in Berlin, but that the SCW Expansion Rules (v3) state that it is created in Madrid and travels to Germany. It also adds that Germany and USSR must be at war, which is not in rule 13.1.

    SCW 6.1: Spanish Blue Legion: If the Nationalists win the civil war Spain will assist Germany (while neutral) if Germany and the USSR are at war. Once these conditions are met place an infantry in Madrid with the Blue Legion marker underneath it. This unit must rail in the next German non-combat movement phase to a German-owned land zone.

  • @noneshallpass Good point. Arguing that is isn’t a republican unit being sent but more of a international communist volunteer force being sent to the USSR is a good way to rationalize it. Didnt realize the Blue Division had to be railed. That opens up a good case to keep that railway in aquitaine bombed if you are using that expansion.

  • @Noneshallpass indeed, preciate the context.

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