• For some clarification on advance submarines on when they can only be attacked by the Attackers combat phase. If Germany gets advance subs, then raids a line with one British destroyer there on convoy escort (assume no other techs come into play beside the advance sub of course) does the destroyer get a roll to kill the sub or only a plus one to the convoy modifier? What about that example but replace it with a plane on maritime patrol, does that plane get a hit? Or can both not hit and only on the British turn can they attack that sub with only a plane on maritime patrol?

  • Both the v3.0 Tech Sheet and Rule 7.8 for Advanced subs say :

    “Advanced Submarines are Submarines for all purposes except as follows: Higher convoy raiding modifier (+4 instead of +2). Advanced Submarines can only be attacked during the Attackers combat phase by an aircraft on Maritime Air Patrol (not with a paired Destroyer)”

    I think this simply negates the normal 8.7 Rule which says “On Enemy turns, an aircraft on Maritime Air Patrol defends against enemy units entering its sea zone”.

    However, if you are attacking the advanced sub on your turn with an aircraft on MAP, then the normal rules would apply.

  • Only attacking (IE shooting at) submarines with Aircraft on Maritime Air Patrol (MAP) are affected by the advanced submarines improvement. Normally you can attack a submarine with a MAP aircraft paired with a destroyer, but a adv. sub. can only be attacked with the MAP aircraft.

    Defending against an advanced submarine is unaffected. Escorting Ships and Aircraft on MAP are unaffected and act as normal.

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