• '19

    Love the forum in general but I really dislike the version that just went live.

    Cant see more than 10-15 user posts. Previously you could scroll all the way through every post ever made. As someone who plays in the league a lot, this is really annoying as I now have no way of finding the threads for my old games since I cant use my post history and the search doesnt allow for searching inside the play games threads. Perhaps I am missing something but now its very hard for me to find records of my old games now.

    *edited - found solutions to some of my complaints 🙂 Hopefully there is one to this one.

  • 2022 2021 '20

    @ksmckay I found that if you click on the Big Blue button on the upper right it gives you a choice of viewings.


  • '19


    Sweet! That works even better than I am used to. Thanks!

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