• Ok, new issue, my friend pulled a veteran tiger, and now whenever i play allies i always lose!!!
    not only that, it seems the damn thing can take out like any of my tanks in one go!!!
    what do you suggest doing to kill the damn thing? ive tried using infantry but the best ive done ot the damn thing is disrupt it!!!
    i could use any help what so ever please.
    and if you have ideas for how my russians could take it out plase tell me?

    PS we play usually round 180 points 18 unit limit, kill everything battle.

    my allied armies

    soviet heroesX2
    mosin nagantX3
    Zis antitank gunX2
    fanatical sniperX4

    USA(dont really collect/use USA)
    screaming eagle capt.X1(use him with my defiant paratroopers)
    flame throwerX1
    buffalo soldiersX1
    marine riflemenX2
    3 inch m5X1
    M18 hellcatX1
    higgins boatX1( FRIGGIN WASTE OF A RARE)
    m3 halftrackX1
    quad 50X1
    bar gunnerX1
    81mm mortarX1
    m2 mortar teamX1

    Defiant paratrooperX3
    inspiring leutenantX1
    6 pounderX2
    royal engineerX1
    vickers machinegun teanX1
    universal carrierX1
    bofors AA gunX1
    concealed forward observerX1
    Canadian infanrtymanX1(use him with my brits)
    veteran smleX1(used also with britan)

    free french infantrymanX1
    lebel grenadiersX2(what is the use for these anyhow?!)
    bold captainX1
    MAS riflemenX3
    Char B1 bisX1

  • 18 turns is giving the Veteran Tiger a LOT of time to kill everything. 180 points also allows for a lot of supporting units to cover the Tiger. I’d really recommend playing close to the standard rules, or at the very least reducing the number of turns.

    Fllamethrowers/Bazookas on Jeeps, defence 5/5 infantry (Heroes & SE Paratroopers especially) are all good. Don’t waste your time on AT Guns unless you’re the defender in an assault.

    Otherwise just use lots of tank obstacles.

    … and you’re not actually using the Hellcat are you?

  • I would suggest trying to surround the Tiger with like, 5-6 tanks.  Then no matter which way the Tiger is facing, he’ll always have an exposed rear/flank.  😉

  • well one its a not a turn limited battle, we play with a limit of 18 UNITS, not turns, and its just to kill everything, you know, last man standing?
    well no i dont actually use the hellcat, its a piece ‘o’ junk.
    and yeah sides taht i figure ill try using my paratroopers taht i do have, cause his Axis force has like nothing for infantry, the only GOOD infantry hes got is one SSpanzergrenadier, and his 2 storm troopers.
    well still does anyone have a suggestion on how i could defeat the damn thing with what i have?
    well anyhow i get my paycheck on monday so ill get a couple new packs, probably a setII and a D-Day set.

  • To add to what i said in my previous post about surrounding the Tiger, you might also want to bring your tanks in close, enough that if the Tiger tries to escape the snare, you can (hopefully) get a successful defensive fire.  That’ll disrupt him right away - perfect if you’ve had problems taking him out!  🙂

  • Keep in mind that the game’s units are balanced out using the “Objective” in mind, not “Kill Everything”. The game ceases to be balanced that way, since the Vet. Tiger, despite being awesome, can still be delayed from getting to the objective, or at least disrupted and unable to contest it. The game isn’t set up for “kill everything” games. That’s part of your problem.


  • Hmm I misread.

    Kill everything is,as GrimJesta, not a very good way to play. Though apparently some people find it ‘fun’ it generally leads to whoever has the best unit(s) wins (a la Vet Tiger).

    Play either a regular or assault scenario and you’ll see the difference. Even if you up the unit limit / points a little its generally good to play with objective(s).

  • Hmmmm…. i suppose youre right, next time i play ill make sure to use the standard rules, well standard rules, but more points, 100 points just seems a lil chinsey.

  • Try this 180 Allied army against your friend’s Vet Tiger build:

    5 x SE = 45
    1 x SE capt = 11
    1 x Quad 50 = 10
    1 x Resourceful Hero = 8 (reluctantly submitted)
    1 x Vet Sherman Rhino = 26
    1 x Pershing = 65
    3 x Flamethrower = 15

    The idea is to get the SEs around it at the right time and try to disrupt it, hopefully saving the hero for when you lose a tank…which you will. This build looks to the support that the Tiger will certainly have. I went for the Pershing and a Quad 50 because at 180 pts, you can’t rule out a Stuka or two.

    Things will, of course, heavily depend on the map and available cover. Eh, give it a shot.

    And yes, DL and Grim are right. Play w/ an objective when you can. In lieu of a cooperative opponent, try the above and let me know how it works out if you would.

  • ok just a few problems, i dont have screaming eagles, ive only got 3 defiant paratroopers, and i only have 2 flamethrowers, sides that i have everything you said, oh i dont have the resourceful hero either… i traded i9t to my friend just last week, for a grizzled veteran, wich, I think, is way the hell more useful.

  • ok i tried that unit combination, it worked like a charm on a battle where we had an objective, but when we played a full on kill all battle i ALMOST won, but he managed to take out my pershing as i was moving in for the kill(i had his tank damaged by then)
    but it would have worked better if i had screaming eagles instead of the Defiant ones, but hell i almost won

  • You need to surround the Tiger with several tanks and back up your tanks with Resourceful hero’s.  Go head to head with the Tiger.  You will loose some tanks but when they are damaged are ready to die deploy the Resourceful hero in that hex and he can use that tanks attack.  It’s almost like having a second life.

  • Well, that’s almost 2 successes. Good job. The SEs are definitely better but the Defiants are still good substitutes.

    What I believe you can do w/ the hero is when you land the paratroopers, place the hero w/ one of them. Since he deploys at the beginning of the movement phase and not the end like the SEs, he should be able to move right away. Therefore, if you place a SE behind the Vet Tiger, you should be able to place the hero in the hex next to the Tiger’s rear and hopefully either move into the Tiger’s hex on the attack or force the Tiger to move. If you’ve managed to surround the Tiger decently, preferrably around forest or hills, he will be in trouble.

    Of course you should try to coordinate this w/ an attack from another tank.

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