[Anniversary] Alternative Setup with Factories in Both India and Australia

  • If this has been discussed before, I apologize, but I didn’t see any topics about this. As the title indicates, I have been experimenting with an addition to the setup involving factory placements in both Australia and India.

    It makes logical sense to me as other versions include factories in both territories, I feel it gives Britain a fighting chance in the Pacific, and most important of all, it makes a “Kill Japan First” strategy more viable.

    I think the Allies should still have a bid (exact amount I am still unsure of) as well.

    I’d love to hear thoughts, criticisms, suggestions, etc.


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    We play the 1942 scenario with a starting industry in India and we give Japan 15 IPC worth of starting units in Japan (I typically pick a transport and two artillery). It’s really changed the game (in a good way). We’ve played 5-6 games with this house rule and Japan has a real fight and no longer just walks all over the Pacific. I typically play the Axis in our group and I love the additional challenge. We are thinking about adding a starting industry in Australia as well and would also give Japan an additional 15 IPC of starting units in Japan if we try this.

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    I should also add that for a “bid”, we give the US “improved shipyards” and that seems to balance things out.

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