HBG is calling for our help! Let's rally! and Let's ANSWER !

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    Hear ye! Hear ye!

    Per their latest newsletter released today (see excert below), the long time community stalwart Historical Board Gaming is calling for our assistance for one of their own, and quite frankly, one of our own!

    For anyone who’s ever purchased from HBG, you likely recieved a few “free” trickles of extra pieces in your order, and $10 says the guy who probably stuffed those couple of bonus’s in the box, is the same guy below could use a little pick me up at this moment in time.

    HBG has donated $1000’s of dollars of gift cards, maps, pieces, and LOVE for our game for many years, sponsoring teams and tournments and never asked for anything in return.

    This is our oppurtunity to show them we care and to get in the fight on their behalf and return the many favours they have done for our community over the years.

    So whether is $2, $5, or $500, lets rally and get in this fight! I’m personally counting on all of you… who were there for me in 2013 when I needed some help.

    My Best Friend Gregg:
    Some of you who watched my previous video heard me speak of my ex-HBG employee, my racquetball partner, music Pastor, and Best Friend.
    He is struggling and is in need of help. If you feel compelled to help out during this Season of Good will to man, they have started a
    Go Fund me page to help with his Medical bills. If you want to help someone this year but don’t know who to help, I ensure you that
    Gregg is one of those people who will drop anything and everything to help you, give you his last dollar if you needed it and I am
    very fortunate to have him as a friend. HBG will match Dollar for Dollar in store Credit back to you. You give $25.00 or 100.00 to his GoFund page, I will add equal amount
    in your reward points in your HBG account. It is a win win for you, you help someone out and receive equal value at you favorite online store.
    Send me an email to doug@historicalboardgaming.com so I can verify it and get the points into your account.”


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    Sorry to hear this. Will donate tomorrow. (Bit drunk now.)

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    Done. Thanks for making us aware

  • Some cash & prayers sent Pastor Gregg’s way

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    @crockett36 @Witt @mainah @crsluggo

    Thank you gentlemen. I knew I wouldn’t be alone in the fight! Really appreciate each of you stepping in with me and HBG!!

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    There is still some fight to go for anyone who can pitch in!

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