Railroad Questions (Building, bombing, breaking)

  • Hello all! So I have a few questions about railroads, and they are all kind of focused on border interactions. Since facilities are typically built in a land zone, but railroads are built on a border, it raises some questions that I didn’t find answers to. So, here they are:

    1. Can you build a railroad on a border with a non-aligned nation? Aligned?
    2. If a land border you share with an enemy has a damaged railroad, who can repair it?
    3. The USSR and Japan are at war, and there is a railroad between Chita and Northern Manchuria. Can USSR use scorched earth on it?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hello,

    These are all valid questions since I don’t think they are covered by the rules. My best guess:

    1. As long as you own one of the border territories, you could build it. I don’t see a rule that says you need to own both sides of the border.

    2. For the same reason, anybody who owns one side should be able to repair the damaged railway.

    3. The USSR national reference sheet regarding Scorched Earth says it « Can destroy its own facilities during the Combat Phase of its turn. No land unit is required ». You could say that what’s on the border is not « your own », but in real life, you could destroy the rails on your side of the border with the same result. Not sure what makes more sense here.

    Note that since rails are used only in the non-combat strategical rail movement (rule 10.4 of v.3) on a territory that you owned since the beginning of the run, these are not issues that come up very often. If the enemy is across the border, he is coming during the combat move only.

  • '18 '17 '16

    Check out the 16:30 mark of this video for your answers;

  • Thanks, that does clear up most of it. And pretty much how I assumed it would work logically. I was also not sure on if a player could build a new rail link into a neutral nation to supply that nation with LL. So if UK wanted to build a rail into Abyssinia to LL them a unit, or if USSR wanted to build a rail to CCP once they get to Sinkiang.

  • '18 '17 '16

    He did say that he thought they should be able to build rail into a neutral but not into another major power’s territory without permission.

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