• Hi all,

    Is there any news on one Base Set 2 is going to land? I’ll email Doug directly if not. I’ve watched a batch of their recent Youtube videos and not mentioned at all.

    Now the Russian set is out hopefully this is the next area of focus, although I know an Italian set has been mentioned…


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    I haven’t heard anything more. I also heard Italian set was “next”. I know they usually have a bunch of stuff at once, so not sure how next “next” might actually be haha.

    Do you know what was going to be in the second base set? I think I’ve only heard a glancing mention of it, but not sure I heard specifically what pieces?

  • Video 1

    This was the video where Doug talks at length about it. Year old now though.

    Also this one (9 minutes in):

    Video 2

    My thoughts were:

    • Where is the light cruiser sculpt? (Britain and Italy both missing one atm). Would prefer this to the heavy bomber sculpt as already lots of options for every nation to have a heavy bomber (even France where you can use the massive Russian bomber sculpt which comes otb).
    • surely a seaplane sculpt is required! (Appears in one video but not the other).
    • not sure nautilus is big enough to be differentiated as the allied heavy sub.

    Otherwise all looks good.

    Would much rather be able to fill the gaps with this set than have some more nation specific sculpts I don’t really need… (Italian coverage already very good, as was Russian, although when the singles come out it allows for some useful range fillers - Russian jet and advanced artillery in particular).

    What do you think?


  • I personally think that they should complete the units needed for the base setup for each country. We have a lot of advanced subs, bombers or heavy carriers and battleships out there, but they don’t get that much use in each game.

    Let’s face it, ANZAC is not building heavy carriers anytime soon and the USSR has other tech priorities than to research heavy battleships.

    Most players will have already adapted or painted what they need for their initial set-up, but having a complete set available would especially benefit new players.

    HBG seems to be preparing more and more miniatures for the 1914 game, but new WW2 sculpts are getting rare.

    A line of fast battleships could also be nice, as this is the only unit that we have resigned ourselves to use a colored chip to differentiate. Then again, we don’t use them that often either.

  • @Noneshallpass I agree - there are still a load for of annoying holes for a load of countries (Anzac marines for example have been out of stock forever)

    If you don’t want to paint there are some of the advanced units you can’t get for any countries atm though (or very few). Heavy carriers and battleships being great examples.

    So base set 2 is still helpful - what would you like to see in there?

  • By means of an update and for those interested I emailed Doug around New Years Eve but haven’t had a response yet. I will chase next week if I still
    haven’t heard anything.


  • Had a reply from Doug. It was pretty brief:

    ‘Its been delayed’

    I’ve caved and just bought the 3D printed versions instead where I need them as maybe it will never arrive (given the focus on individual nation sets instead).

  • @credulous said in Base Set 2:

    I’ve caved and just bought the 3D printed versions instead where I need them as maybe it will never arrive (given the focus on individual nation sets instead).

    I feel your pain and came to the same conclusion. This increases the cost of entry and therefore decreases the number of people who will play this game.

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