• I was curious whether the air transport is only at risk on the 1st round of battle during an airborne assault. It’s clear from the rulebook that if the air transport is taken as a casualty on the 1st round that the airborne unit is also destroyed, but what I’m not clear on is if the air transport essentially “leaves” after the 1st round to fly back home, and if it doesn’t and still remains in the battle, can it then be taken as a casualty? Or does it function similarly to how it does in non airborne assault battles (chosen last as a casualty)?

    I suppose my confusion comes from my assumption of an air transport(or strategic bomber) in an airborne assault heading back to friendly territory after dropping off it’s cargo instead of sticking around to get shot down. Also there is minimal info about airborne assaults in the v3 rules. Any help or info would be awesome. Thank you.

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    No, it doesn’t leave until the non-combat movement phase. If you did take an airborne infantry into combat with the transport plane then you could choose the plane as a casualty after the first round of combat. However, if you can’t just take the plane into a combat empty for the purpose of using it as a casualty instead of losing another type of unit. If you had a transport plane on defence in a territory that was attacked you would have to choose it last as a casualty (like a naval transport in a naval battle).
    The air transport is a simple unit that has no more rules than are contained in the rulebook. It may seem like there should be more information but it really is that simple of a unit.

  • @GeneralHandGrenade
    Thank u sir, I appreciate it.

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