• Since Anti Aircraft Artillery is a land unit, the fortification rules would seem to bring them to hitting on 5s, my opponent seems to think. I’m hoping that the fortification would not give plus 2 to the AA guns seeing as the planes would be attacking from above and not across a land border, and not sure how a fortification would allow the AA guns to hit planes more accurately. Additionally this seems as if it could be very lethal to planes for just a 4 IPP unit. However I could not find anything in the rules suggesting anything otherwise, seeing as they are a land unit firing on the 1st round. Was hoping I could get some clarification on this, as always any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    It gets the +2. Fortifications don’t necessarily mean it’s an actual fort, it means that the defences in the territory are well constructed and dug in. For each different unit that could mean something different.

  • AA Artillery is a land unit, part of the Artillery class (12.1).

    However, it’s worth noting that fortifications are placed across a border and protect from attacks across that border (Rule 12.7), except for some Special Fortification Zones where the fortification protects the entire zone (12.8). The Maginot Line also has its own rules (1.23).

    Therefore, if you can get your planes to attack from an unfortified border, the fortification bonus for the AA would not apply.

    The same is true for the attacking land units if they can flank the fortified border.

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