• I am wondering if anyone can explain this to me. In the original rule book for 20th anniversary edition it states that I transports have no ability for defense but the revised rules say that even though transports can not themselves defend that the transporting troops or called cargo defend the transport. Does this mean the attacker has to beat the transporting troops before destroying the transport?

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    Where does it say that?

  • In FAQ and Errata from March 20, 2009 under the heading of combat on page 3 it says quote: “the first exception is that transports don’t roll combat dice. As a result, they will never hit anything. They must rely on combat units for protection. Combat units protect transports, not the other way around.”

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    That refers to other sea units, such as battleships and destroyers, and carrier-based fighters, not to the cargo on the transports.

  • @pphillips
    I assume that what you are pointing to is an (outdated) FAQ sheet concerning A&A Anniversary Edition, issued in 2008 celebrating the 50th Anniversay of Avalon Hill.

    You have posted in the Revised Forum Category. The Revised Edition had been issued in 2004, celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Axis&Allies.

    These are two different games, with two different characteristics of Transports.

  • Ok. Thanks for clarifying that for me.

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