Technology and build restrictions

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    According to the v.3 National Reference Sheets, Mechanized Infantry is not available before July 1939 and Medium Armor before July 1940, except for Germany which can build both as early as July 1938.

    Furthermore, you cannot research technology beyond stage II before July 1939 (Rule 7.6 and Global War Tech Sheet v3.0).

    There seems to be an effort in the rules to keep the pre-war technolgy in line with history, but there is no such restrictions for Self-Propelled Artillery and Tank Destroyers.

    It seems funny that somewhat advanced units that were uncommon before WW2 are not subject to similar restrictions.

    One player in our game suggested that they should not be available before Medium Armor, but there is nothing in the rules preventing, say, France and the USSR to stock up early on Tank Destroyers in anticipation of the German invasion. Target selection for Tank Destroyers can really be devastating for the German blitzkrieg.

    Do some of you use house rules to delay the availability of these units in your games?

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    Interested on responses here. I haven’t had a chance to play V3 yet because of this virus, but I hadn’t really considered that. You make good points. It almost seems like there should be restrictions like with Medium Armor. No technology is necessarily needed, but they can’t be built before X turn.

    I think the Germans realistically had them available in 1940-41. I think German tank destroyers (the Stug most obviously) were realistically used around 1942.

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    I can’t disagree with what your argument here. You could make a case for just about every single unit on the board that it shouldn’t be allowed until a certain date. However, to make the game playable without having to refer to a reference sheet or rule book with every single move you make, it has been simplified somewhat for ease of play.

    A number of units have been singled out and for the most part separated from the regular units and put on the tech chart. Tanks were also singled out and had a date affixed for the obvious reason that they are so powerful with their ability to blitz. Players are welcome to create house rules to make it more complicated or less complicated to match their liking.

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