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    @seancb said in ANZAC planes landing in Dutch territories (Java/Sumatra) on same turn they were taken by ANZAC:

    why don’t you log on to TripleA and lets play a live game some time. You sound like you need to be taken down a peg or two.

    Hi @seancb I created this thread as you are going off topic Iand I don’t want to hijack someone else’s’ thread.

    @seancb I am not sure why you seem to be irritated with me. A legitimate question was posted on this forum. A very good question I might add. I answered that question correctly. You then presented misinformation so thinking you were innocent in your misunderstanding I corrected you in what I thought was a very nice way. You then asked for proof of my correction and then when provided you went off of the deep end in a nonsensical tangent. I will agree that bothered me for two reasons:

    • 1 Because my relaxation time is limited and I do not like it being wasted
    • 2 I do not like misrepresentation of the rules being spread. This game, while being very fun, is also complicated in some aspects. Not nearly as complicated as some games I have played in the past but still enough that not everyone understands all of the rules correctly so it is a disservice to the community when you spread misinformation.

    So if my response of “Whatever” bothered you after you went off the deep end then I think it was reasonably applicable to the situation.

    As far as playing a live game on TripleA I do not have the time to play online live games. I play via Forum as that way I can spread out the game over a period of weeks or months and take my Turn when it is convenient for me. There are two ways to play Forum games on this website. One is via “League” and one is just for fun under “Play Boardgames”. I see that you are not in the League this year so if you wanted to play a just for fun Play Boardgames game that would be the only way to go.

    However, as I said my time is limited so at this stage in my life I really only play for fun and against fun opponents. I have nothing to prove anymore. I know I am one of the best players in the world. I know this from my gaming experience over the last 35 years so there is no reason for me to show you I am a better player than you are. Since you seem to have an attitude problem I certainly would not want to play you in a “fun” game because I doubt it would be very much fun playing against you due to your attitude; and as I said it is not worth my time to beat you as your opinion means nothing to me.

    Not sure what else to say. While being mostly just a lurker for most of the last 7 years due to COVID 19 I decided to become more active on this Website this year as 1) an avenue to continue playing since my face to face group is temporarily down due to COVID 19 restrictions and b) have an opportunity to give back to the Axis and Allies community that I have so enjoyed since the first Classic game came out way back in 1984. Of course it was not called Classic then, it just became one.

    I would hope that you realize your attitude is not beneficial to the community and perhaps you will take this opportunity to rethink your ways and become an active, helpful member to the community. I think you may be surprised at the pleasure you receive doing so. Good Luck 🙂

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    “I know I am one of the best players in the world.” If that was true, you would gladly accept my challenge and once you’ve “whooped me good” you can tell everyone. Till then it’s like asking “how many licks to the center of a Tootsie Pop?”

    You ain’t the best bud. The reason I know that… because you don’t accept challenges and try to come off as some arrogant know it all. When you’re ready you let me know. My screen name here is the same as on TripleA.
    Any day, any time little girl!
    I usually play when I’m at my office so i’m online most Mondays - Fridays 0800-1600 central USA time.

    When you grow a pear (sic), I’ll be more than willing to destroy you. We’ll even play any ruleset you would like.

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    Sigh – really this is your answer? Thank you for confirming that you are definitely not the type of person I want to play a game with for fun. It is not always easy to tell from just a few words if one person is being a jerk or just being sarcastic or trying to be funny. Your follow up to my statements assures me you are not the type of person I want to play with. Perhaps one day, oh I wish, somehow Axis and Allies will join the ranks of TV acceptable content like World of Poker, and we can play and win money. I could quit my current job and play Axis and Allies and get paid for it! My would that not be grand!!! In that case, since I would be trying to be the top dog and win all the money, I would accept having to play any unsavory person(s) in the contest to win. However, until that happens, I only want to play with nice people who while wanting to win are also concerned with a fair game and both sides having fun.

    BTW apparently you do not know this yet but the best people at something don’t need to go around and prove it; they know they are the best. Those King of the Hills don’t really pay attention to what the peasants are doing in the valley.

    Though I have been considering putting my history and credentials online and introducing myself on Dan Jensen’s Introduce or Re-Introduce Yourself (Current) thread so I guess this is as good a time as ever to do that so I can kill two birds with one stone.

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    I have always loved wargames and when I was little, I would watch my three older brothers play Blitzkrieg; an early Avalon Hill game representing for the most part World War II. I would sit and watch them play for hours and they never let me play because I was too little. There is an 11-year gap between me and my next oldest brother. But I was hooked and like many little boys loved playing wargames. As a teenager I played Midway, Gettysburg and Bismarck and while I loved these games the rule complexities and time it took to play the games made it difficult to play and find opponents. Of course, there was Risk but it was so basic.

    So, when Milton Bradley came out with Axis and Allies in 1984 it was a done deal for me and I have never looked back. The ease of playing these games in comparison to the Avalon Hill type games is dramatic and having real miniatures instead of cardboard squares – Wowsa! I have played and own all of the Axis and Allies variants and of course many, many more including the Milton Bradley Gamemaster series excluding Broadsides and Boarding Parties which I have never played. Oh, my Fortress America copy is the one with Saddam Hussein on it. I have so many games as my wife says – “You have too many games that take up too much room”. I disagree; you can never have enough games.

    As for my bona fides I will focus around 1995 and beyond when I have something besides anecdotal evidence.

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    Face to Face: I belonged to the Portland Axis and Allies Meet Up group for over 10 years. The organizer happened to keep track of the games played and in Team games I was 152-3 if I remember correctly. It may have been 152-5 but nevertheless it was well over 95% of the games I played in I won. Now I say Team games because we also played games like Shogun and Conquest of the Empire and those, what I call gang up games, I did not do as well because frankly my opponents would literally say at the beginning of the game “Hey let’s all gang up on Andrew and knock him out because if we do not then we will lose.” Now while they were right, and I understood their reasoning, it did not make if fun for me knowing I had no chance to win and the best I could do was take out whoever attacked me first so I shied away from those games for the most part. But in Team games like Axis and Allies where the sides are set I was virtually undefeated. From 2013 until now I have played in the Seattle Meet Up group and while we do not keep official statistics, I estimate I have played in around 100 or so games and have won about 90% of them with the following exception.

    There is one team of players that joined our Seattle group and they are excellent at Global 1940. In our first game of Global 1940 they cleaned my partner’s and my clock as the Axis. Now we only had about 10-12 Global 1940 games under our belt and unknown to us they had hundreds! They used a German opening we had never seen before and kicked our sorry butts all the way home. Then in our rematch game we were the Axis and we used this newly discovered J1 opening thinking to return the favor and kick their butts only to find out not only did they know how to perform the J1 attack better than we did they also knew how to defend against it and, throw in a Neutral Crush attack we had never encountered before, they again gave us a beating. Well, I am not used to losing two games in a row, so the challenges were on! We beat them in the third game and that is when we found out they played online at TripleA. They told us they had played for over 10 years and hundreds of games and this was the very first time they had lost as a team; ever. That challenge series continues but due to time constraints we play via PBEM now instead though we always love to get a face to face game going.

    Face to Face plus PBEM: Well my partner and I caught on fast and as a team my partner and I went 12 and 5 against them before one of them got tired of losing and only wants to play face to face anymore. I do not blame him because I am significantly better online than I am face to face. Online I have time to study every move where you cannot do that face to face. Thus, mistakes happen more often face to face. I like to study the game board, to me that is fun. I do not like Real Time games and play Turn Based games instead. For example, I played and love XCom. After playing it on normal to understand the game I then played it on the highest level. Legend I think it is called. Once I beat it at that Legend level it said less than 1% of the people who had ever played the game won it at that level. Then I kept playing it till I beat it via Ironman. Not many people have accomplished that I am sure. Probably because they are not patient enough or crazy enough to try it. I love games like the Panzer General Series Turn Based games; played them all and beat them all with Major victories giving the computer the highest bonus in money and experience. I love the challenge of beating them when it is most difficult. Anyway, I digress. So, his partner dropped but one of them still plays us and we are 6-1 against him so far. Of course, we do have an advantage now because it is two against one.

    Having said all that we are all aware that there are plenty of people who do well in their face to face gaming groups only to find out when they get online they are not as good as they think they are. That is why I mentioned the TripleA team that was undefeated till getting beat by us. However, I do have some online experience too.

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    Online: For 3-4 years I played at Days of Infamy before unfortunately it closed. For those who are unaware of Days of Infamy it was an Axis and Allies Pacific gaming area. They used a Chess like rating system to determine rankings. The original Pacific, not Pacific 1940. Pacific by the way is a GREAT game if you have never tried it. There is a complicated sub stalling rule you really need to understand but the beauty of the game is that it usually comes down to Turn 7 or 8 and either side can win. None of this the game is only half done but is already over but needs to be played out stuff. It is like D-Day that it usually comes down to the very last turn. How exciting! Now we played to 24 instead of 22 as we found 22 to be just too easy for the Japanese to win. Also, we gave the Allies $15 to put five additional infantries in India to remove the India Crush strategy from the game which we all found distasteful. So, my first 10 games I went 2-8; not an auspicious start but there is a real learning curve to the game. By the time I was done I was the highest-ranking Player. I also achieved a rating score higher than any previous rating ever. In addition, there was a yearly Admiral’s Tournament and in the history of the website I am the only one to be the highest ranked Player AND win the Admiral’s trophy at the same time. Good times.

    Later I played at the Superpowers website. Yes, the original website to help test and advance the game before it came out to buy. I think the online site is still up. Again, by the time I was done I was the number #1 ranked Player in spite of the fact that the way some of the online games worked they were gang up games and those were very difficult to win and frankly not very fun. As I mentioned before I prefer team games so that was the main reason I stopped playing there.

    From there I went on to Axis and Allies Members Club (AAMC). They played Classic, Revised and AA50 as Global was not out yet. In fact, just before I left Global 1940 was just introduced and there was discussion as to whether to add it to ABattlemap or not. Now I was only there for two years as after a while I found the experience distasteful. As it was a manual gaming system, not TripleA, there were a lot of errors made by the Players and there were exact rules how to remedy any errors. My experience though was that too many people would not follow the rules or ask to not follow the rules and if you, me in this case, asked them to follow the rules I was the bad guy and a “rules lawyer”. Funny how the people breaking the rules were okay with that and the ones of us that wanted to follow the rules were the bad guys. That is probably the number one reason I want fun games where both sides are happy as I do not want arguments over game play. So, for the two years I played there I only played in tournaments. I mention this to understand the competition level that I was not playing chumps to drive up my winning ratio. Every game I played counted in a tournament. For the two years I played there I ended up winning 75.4% of my games. That was the highest winning ratio in the club during that 2-year period. I also made it to the finals in 50% of every Tournament I entered. And I won that Finals game exactly 50% of the time too. Oh, and how I remember that one Revised game I made an unforced error that cost me the game. I could have had a winning Finals record percentage! Nevertheless, the end result was I won 25% of every Tournament I entered. I had more Tournament wins than any other Player in those two years and they gave out points, how many depending on if it was a Major or Minor Tournament, for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. My total points earned over the two years was greater than any other Player.

    Here, so far, I am 10-1, though the one loss was via forfeit, but either way it is not enough games to show anything except that I am not a total slouch.

    So that is why I say I am one of the Best in the World. Everywhere I have played I have eventually been the #1 Player for the time I was there. Not only in my in-person gaming groups but online too against Players all over the world. Until there is a worldwide ranking system for Axis and Allies, wouldn’t that be great, I guess it will have to do.

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    While I only parsed over your diatribe, in bits and pieces, you still avoid the major obstacle to your “I’m the best statement”. You are unwilling to play against me even though you claim to have won by your own count here, say 162 wins maybe more, I’m totally not sure. As there are no trophies recognizing either of us as the King of the Nerds, you probably aren’t any good. I do play on TripleA pretty much every day during the week. Many people know me there and they will always say that any win against me is well earned. Am I sitting here saying I’m the best in the world? Nope.
    Rather, I am saying if you claim to be the best, I want to play the best. Anyone who says they are the best goes to the top of my list of players I’d like to play. As far as any rulesets you would like to adhere to, I am more than willing to play “your way”.
    My desire to play has more to do with seeing your “unbeatable” strategies rather than trying to “defeat the master”.

    Again, your bullshit 3 page thesis means nothing to me. I am actively seeking you out on Facebook now. FYI. I’ve already called you out on “Everything Axis and Allies”, “Wargamers” and “Axis and Allies”. I’m not some troll. You can look me up man. Sean Buchanan.
    Peace, love and hair grease.
    PS: I don’t believe a word of your shit.

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    In my experience there is no such thing as an unbeatable strategy. BTW I said I am one of the Best in the World, not the Best in the World. Without an international ranking system it is impossible to determine who is the Best in the World.

    I am not on Facebook except the one spot I was unfortunately asked to host our Seattle Gaming group. I dislike Facebook and all Social Media such as Twitter and Instagram.

    I am not sure what you mean by “Everything Axis and Allies”, “Wargamers” and “Axis and Allies”. I assume those are Facebook wargaming sites? I am not on any of those.

    So I am unclear of your negative attitude. You feel my accomplishments do not qualify me as one of the Best in the World or you do not believe my accomplishments?

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    I think I’m being very clear. I want to play you in a game. If you are as good as you say you are, then I shouldn’t be much of a challenge to “one of the best”. I don’t want to play shitty players anymore. Let’s get the dice rolling or don’t keep throwing out baseless claims

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    Okay everybody, just cool it. We’re here to have fun and while some competitive banter is allowed, you’re treading into waters where you’re violating the forum rules. So cooooool down.

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    @AndrewAAGamer @seancb

    There are no sanctioned tournaments or ladders, and good. You can go to gencon or origins and win, or you can win on AxA Online or the Leagues here, or go to any of the regional tournaments in Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, California, Vancouver, Canada and prove yourself. A bunch of stories and garbage about how you won a game against your little brother where you added indian tribes, and lazer installations back in 1986 don’t count.

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    Not sure why I was included in this response sweetheart.

  • 2020 '18 '17

    @seancb just for giggles

  • @taamvan said in Response to @seancb:

    @AndrewAAGamer @seancb

    There are no sanctioned tournaments or ladders, and good. You can go to gencon or origins and win, or you can win on AxA Online or the Leagues here, or go to any of the regional tournaments in Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, California, Vancouver, Canada and prove yourself. A bunch of stories and garbage about how you won a game against your little brother where you added indian tribes, and lazer installations back in 1986 don’t count.

    so travel cost and hotel cost and play games with special rules because they have to be decided within a set time period before the rented hall closes

    or use a system with altered gameplay

    or travel a lot and play against locals which doesn’t necessarily mean anything even if you get an engraved hunk of marble or wood

    on the other hand, this thing with “indian tribes” and “lazer installations” sounds like a lot of fun

    @AndrewAAGamer said in Response to @seancb:

    what I call gang up games, I did not do as well because frankly my opponents would literally say at the beginning of the game “Hey let’s all gang up on Andrew and knock him out because if we do not then we will lose.”

    u can’t possibly be that good if you don’t know pizza strategy


    ok so there I was, playing against Hobbes years back and this never really happened, it’s just a fun story

    so I’m watching Hobbes doing stuff with wood, saw, hammer and things

    and I’m like “watcha doin”

    he’s like “working, what’s up”

    and I’m like “nuffink, just havin fun”

    so he keeps goin and I keep doin my thing

    and he keeps workin at it and I’m like

    “hey watcha buildin”

    and he’s like “oh just this thing I’m working on” then he nicely tells me things about the tools he’s using and other stuff

    and I’m like ok this is fun and chill

    then I look up from the game and I’m like “oh is that what you were building”

    it’s a coffin, just my size

    lol, dat Hobbes

    I’ll get him one day, and his little dog too. (paraphrasing from “The Wizard of Oz”, just my little joke).

    'course I think he’s retired for now but whatevs, if we meet up again maybe that’ll be fun

  • '18 '16

    i think i’ve peed my pants laughing.
    If i had known this would be so much fun, i would have done it sooner!!!

  • 2020 '18 '17

    @seancb @aardvarkpepper

    Why cant Kurtmungus bust in like the Kool Aid man when we need him? In 3…2…1…

  • 2021 2020

    @aardvarkpepper said in Response to @seancb:

    pizza strategy

    I am always wanting to know more. What is the pizza strategy?

  • '18 '16

    If you have to ask, you probably “the guy”.

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