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  • hey, so I just played abother A&AR as allies and I lost.

    R1 I took over West Russia and Ukraine S.S.R, I thought it wasn’t a bad move.

    but then I felt strengthless, I was buying pure infantry, I dont know how to attack after the first round.
    (yes, most of the time I only use the 4 arms and 2 fighters I have at the beginning, w/ some infantry to help, so I dont loose the expensicve ones.)

    Germany started to push back, the player who used Germany just put everything in Caucasus,
    and then he just bought more and more tanks to support africa and attacks india.
    (it’s like he only wants to take Caucasus, not moscow, so he can start move his arms throghtout the mainland.)

    he doesnt do anything else w/ russia, he just left russia there, and russia was the one that fell last.

    i really dont know how to play russia (I play japan usually), so can any one tell me how to play it?
    I feel like after the fall of Caucasus, everything turns to against allies, include dices.

    how should I defend Caucasus??

  • You are half way to the answer.  You stated that a pure infantry build has left you without any teeth, so try to construct a build such that if Germany takes Caucasus, you are able to take it back.  Keep in mind you still require infantry so I do not recommend a build all armor or all artillery.

    Here is a thought to ponder on your quest for the proper build.

    What happens to Germany if they run short on infantry?

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    Hit Germany hard on a counter. Hold things back particularly the Armor, buy a couple the first round though. Germany has to come to you so does Japan. Use all the distance between Berlin and Rome to your advantage make it take time for Germany to get it, make 'em extend then chop 'em off. You only have to hold two things, Moscow and the Caucauses. Buy time with counters for the US and UK to get rolling.

  • Official Answers 2007 AAR League

    To elaborate further and with thanks to Mr. Switch.

    In my last game as Allies (2 players) I built 3 INF and 3 ARM on the Soviet first turn. The look on my opponets face, “Oh I win already the idiot is buying tanks for Russia” made me think the plan had a chance.

    I attacked Belorussia with the 3 INF in Karelia and both Fighters.
    I attacked West russia with all other units that could reach except for leaving one INF in Archangel.

    The Belo battle went badly missing on all dice and taking two hits. So I retreated my INF back to Karelia and FTRs to Moscow. Opponent getting full of himself, my stupid attack not paying fruit, tanks and attacking Belorussia?
    West Russia was taken in one round with loss of one INF.

    I reinforce West Russia with the remaining Archangel INF, I didn’t need it to move into Karelia, moved two INF from that territory between Caucauses and China into Caucauses, move all of the Pacific coast INF into Buryatia for six INF on Manchuria’s border, moved 2 INF into China and the other two back to Moscow.

    Built Tanks in Moscow and build INF in Caucauses.

    I see his eyes light up, “He has left Caucauses wide open, I can soooo kill 5 INF with what I can get in there.”

    Which he did leaving three Armor out on a limb to be swatted by “The West Russia Stack” next turn with assist from the Moscow tanks. He burnt all his ARM and front line INF first turn and couldn’t mount a real march on Moscow till the US and UK were rolling. Not only were US and UK reinforcing but Russia’s own defense was solid. Now he likely will not make that mistake again but it should illustrate the sort of thing you are trying to do with Russia. It works both directions. I had two more turns to buy 2 ARM before I felt a need to start buying all INF.

    It is a long way to Moscow. Make it take a lot of time. That is what you are trying to do with Russia.

  • Nice example Frimmel.

    I like killing the Ukraine. But I’d only advocate doing it if you’re confident in your UK and US logistical acumen. Imagine it as a tug of war. If you see Germany being pulled deeper into Russia you need to find a way to pull them back. There are many threads here regarding maximum efficiency with the Allies, especially regarding how to set up Transport chains to get the maximum amount of troops on the ground in Europe (first priority) and Africa. This is key to Russia’s play. If you know the Allies will be showing up - 8 units per turn from Britain on turn 2 and a quickly escalating US presence of 6, then 8, then 10 units per turn, then you can be aggressive with Russia. If you plan on nibbling at the edges then you’d better be conservative. A trading war on the front with Germany gets deadly really fast if the Allies aren’t putting any pressure on Germany’s flanks or diverting Germany’s economy into killing Brits and Americans.

  • Only change I would have made was have the FIGs in Caucuses to deter attack, but “suckering” someone in to Caucuses appears to ahve worked well for you.

    I did it myself my very first game against Trihero… took Caucuses on G1 and was feeling pretty good.  I resigned the game after G2 I think it was…  I had my butt handed to me BIG TIME 😄

  • Official Answers 2007 AAR League

    I took the FTRS to Moscow cause I was pretty sure he would come into Caucaus without them there. Also I knew he would try to land troops in the Soviet Far East behind Buryatia. I slammed his ART and INF with my six INF and the FTRS with loss of only one INF and stalled the whole Japan grabbing the Eastern territories thing an extra turn. He didn’t play very well that day. I think I’m finally catching up, he played Classic for many years where I have only started playing since Europe came out and we don’t play as often as we would like.

  • sounds great, thanks guys!

    so which kind of purchasing would you guys prefer?

    24 IPC:

    4 inf and 3 art

    or maybe

    4 inf and 2 arm, and save the 2 extra ipc?

  • I personally like the 3 inf/3 armor build first turn.  I like to get some big boys in there right away because I generally lose the armor because I like to hit the ukraine first turn.  After that I generally go with some combination of infantry and then maybe 1 armor per turn.  Depends on what makes me use all of my money per turn.  I rarely save money with russia, that is just troops that could be defending going to waste.


    sounds great, thanks guys!

    so which kind of purchasing would you guys prefer?

    24 IPC:

    4 inf and 3 art

    or maybe

    4 inf and 2 arm, and save the 2 extra ipc?

  • Well, I like the “traditional” 8 INF build if I am going to be preserving my FIGs and ARM, sicne it gives me “staying power” for offesnive action, as well as great defense.

    4x3 INF/ART is not a bad build, but it is slow to develop for Russia, unless you are suckering Germany in to West Russia or Caucuses.

    3x3 is a pretty good general purpose openner, but not one I strongly favor.  It feels to “flimsy” to me somehow, like Russia has not decided to be offensive or defensive.  And I always feel that failing to make a decision in this game and go with it is a BAD idea.

    Lastly, I have been playing with a strat in my head of a 3x1x1 open, 3 INF, 1 ARM, 1 FIG.  Have not been able to test it in an actual game yet, but theoretically it shows great promise…

  • Official Answers 2007 AAR League

    I would think a 3 INF, 1 ARM, 1 FTR build to be pretty undecided too. But a little bit more leaning to defense. But is it really undecided? My thought with Russia is you have to hold on till the US and UK get mobilized. If attacking will give you more time you attack, if digging in will give you more time you dig in. As long as you have decided to do what is necessary to keep the Germans and Japs out of Caucaus and Moscow you have made the only decision you need to make. How to do that will be fluid.
    Either way the ARM or the FTR will give you some teeth. Granted you can have five more INF, but a couple of ARM in with the INF you will buy later won’t hurt. And sometimes the threat of teeth is good for time. Maybe make the Gerrys take an extra turn before attacking or send a few more units that the US and UK won’t have to deal with.
    I guess it comes down to your preference 8 two’s or 3 twos and 3 threes. And ARM and FTRs give you the option to attack. Run all the stats you want but you won’t go broke with either play IMO. They are dice after all- the only thing more fickle than women and cats.
    You have to keep the long term goal in my mind, Give the US and UK time to get troops to Europe. What is that cliche? No battle plan survives contact with the enemy?

  • I might go so far as to say that the Russians CAN’T afford to lose Caucasus.  If Germany takes it and holds it, Russia is hurting, and bad.

  • With Russia I have always favoured quantity over quality. It has ever and always been infantry. I favour very large stacks of it on my capital.  However, with a recent string of losses i am begining to think that some artillery might not be a bad purchase. At least in the first round when you are not in any immediate danger.

    ( :mrgreen: Nothing to do with my post, but I really wanted to make use of this emoticon)

  • 2007 AAR League

    I like a first round build of 1 Fgt, 2 Tanks, 1 Artillery for Russia.  I usually attack W. Russia (a must) & Ukraine on turn 1.  With 4 inf coming in from the East (2 each to Moscow & Caucasus) you can afford to get some offensive units on turn 1.  I like fighters they are really versatile and are  especially usefull for attacking Dead Zones.  I will usually buy another fighter on R2 for a totoal of 4.  R3 replenish your supply of Inf.

  • Official Answers 2007 AAR League

    That is a good point Mr. Saywer, about quality and quantity. I am always looking for the balance of having enough and having quality. I guess it is a left over from all of my time playing Panzer General. I like options and all INF builds while quantity superior don’t leave as many options to my thinking.

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