My A & A Europe adventure: 4/19/02

  • Well, I’ve just played AAE for the first time with my new board, and I feel like commenting on some stuff.

    1. Germany has a massive amount of subs, while the British navy is miniscule. I would of expected huge epic naval battles to happen but most ships (Subs) were picked off by fighters and bombers. The Allied economic power was able to build a sizable fleet by turn 2, and dominate the seas by turn 4.

    2. Givinng Russia “equipment” was cool (I got a lot of goodies from the allies). With artillery and seized allied fighters, I was able to turn infantry to killing machines.

    3. Though Germany’s first turn was filled with blunders (it was all of our first time playing), it seemed that as long as Russia can hang on, the Allies would get the advantage very easily.

    In today’s game, Germany attacked Russia majorly and had little involvement in africa (a major blunder). Germany also bought all tanks for 2 or 3 turns, until Allied forces were in Western Europe. Germany looked invincible at first, with her larger navy and newly acquired convoy routes, but it wouldn’t last when Russia (me) was able to take back Murmansk and many other territories very easily. Buying eight infantry a turn was also a given.

    America and Britain bulked up their fleet and bought assorted aircraft. (A carrier was Britain’s first purchase) And sent a considerable amount of aircraft and one infantry unit to Russia.

    The rest of the game was ass-kickings given to Germany.

    What things should I do as each country?
    Who ACTUALLY has the advantage, allies or axis? (Allies seemed to have a huge advantage)
    What would be a correct way to balance the game?

  • You should look at the AAE strategy forms on this site, it will give you some good ideas.

    I think the game is pretty balanced, it just takes a little time to get use to all the Countries you have to move German troops through.

    Im sure you know, but im going to mention it anyways, you cannot attack a sub without destroyers present.

  • I would recomend you German player spend some time getting to know his position, strengths, and weaknesses. I found it extremely overwhelming playing Germany the first few times. I also think the game is fairly balanced if you can come up with suitable tactics for each country.

  • oh yeah forgot to mention one thing. Literally, 1 out of 3 rolls (that’s being nice) were 6s. I never saw so many 6s ever. (So many situations when someone would roll a five and 6) Were these dice tricked out? To avoid contemplating that, I’ll just use my regular A&A dice next time! (Though my regular A & A will probably borrow AAE’s chips!)

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