• Just an FYI I’ve posted my Unit & Rules Revisions (URR) up under A&AM Variant Rules.

    Any (constructive) comments are welcome. Please keep in mind that these changes give Playability priority over Historical Accuracy.

  • @Der:


    88mm Flak - should it have Relocate 1 for playability purposes?

    Covering Fire - should this SA require a hit to function?

    I don’t think the Flak 88 should have relocate. But I’m a stickler for the historical aspect of the thing, that once it was set up it took a little while to break down. But it’s also a matter of scope: I mean, relocating artillery (even with veteran crews) should be beyond the time-scope of the game, but it isn’t… so I guess the Flak 88 should relocate 1 if the other big guns can do it.

    But covering fire is iffy. You’re not rerally trying to hit; you’re spraying an area and forcing the enemy to keep their heads down. So my vote is keeping it as is.

    Thus far everything is looking good, DL.


  • Covering Fire simply bugs me.

    Sometimes it does absolutely nothing (gennerally when losing initiative, or if the soldiers were just going to move away anyways), other times it’s devastating; 2-3 of these shutting down double (or more) of their points worth, especially on beach assault type games where they can knock out all, or almost all, of the enemy MGs if they go first, letting the rest of the soldiers move relatively unhindered.

    For playability it just doesn’t seem that good/fun. An immediate disruption takes into account that the enemy has to keep their head down and therefore interferes with their firing.

    I also don’t like that no matter what the status of the BAR is, it’s special ability always works. Disrupted, intimidated, doesn’t matter.

  • (I think I may not have mentioned the alternatives for Covering Fire - so one was that instead of not being able to shoot, the target was also immediately disrupted if hit).

    You are right about the 88 though. At the very best for playability it should have Relocate 1. However I don’t think it really needs to move either especially now that they’ve changed the transport/overstacking rule.

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