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    @Alex-Phillips said in OOB or BM3:

    @AndrewAAGamer I’ll be baited. Unfortunately I think there’s a lot of arrogance displayed by some of the more serious/veteran posters like yourself, Gen. Manstein, etc. It puts me off joining any league on here. I like to post the occasional snippet, read interesting strategies, but that’s it, thanks.

    With all due respect, I think you’re misunderstanding Andrew.

    I’ve played with him many times and lost many times, having won against him only once when his partner made a massive mistake in the Pacific that cost the US catastrophically.

    Three other times I’ve come close to beating him:

    Once he and a friend took the Allies against me as the Axis in Global. I threw the script away and launched a devastating mechanized attack against Russia (which appears to be me to be the basis for Andrew’s current Axis plan, albeit with some refinement). The question, “How are we going to beat him?” was asked and the answer from Andrew was “I don’t know.” In the end, I made a bad attack and beat myself.

    The next time was Anniversary again, and three players against Andrew (running the Axis by himself I believe). The US and Russia did their parts, but the guy running UK was a horrible player who liked making questionable attacks. He did not want to do anything that his partners needed. At the end, the attack on Moscow would have never happened if the UK had killed just four more German infantry.

    Once he and his buddy ran Axis in Anniversary, and I was on a team with two other players. One of the players was very new and a very good player who made Russia look interesting and easy, but at the end despite the fact that Japan was beaten in the Pacific Germany took Moscow. Japan was beaten but standing (and it would have taken many more turns to crush it completely). US fighters, a whole darned stack of them, were one more turn away from Moscow and that would have ended the game definitively in favor of the Allies, with Germany having no chance of success in Europe and Japan having no chance of success in the Pacific. The new player had refused to take a UK fighter in defense of Moscow in order to keep his objective. That resulted in a 50/50 battle that could have been like 35/65 in favor of the Allies. The dice came up against the Allies. With Russia defeated, we felt there was no way to achieve victory unless we risked defeat in the Pacific.

    Andrew doesn’t believe in luck. He believes in hard work and patience, and he works harder at this game than anyone else I’ve ever seen or heard of. I’ve never heard him complain about getting diced (although I have seen him lose games because his opponent got lucky with the dice). He just waits til he has the best possible chance of success for an attack. He practices constantly.

    He’s proud of his skill. I don’t think that’s arrogance. He works harder than any other player I’ve ever met to improve his play. There’s a difference between pride in your effort and arrogance.

    Yes, Andrew is a serious player. He’s not a better player because he’s more gifted at strategy. He’s a better player because he works harder, period to understand the mechanics of the game and how they will play out. That’s not arrogance – that’s determination.

    He’s not a better player because he blames other people for his mistakes. He accepts responsibility when he makes a mistake. That’s not arrogance – that’s honesty with himself, something many, many people in the world should consider taking more of.

    I’m probably a better instinctive player than Andrew, but where I come up short is determination. Me, I spend my time on city government, running a D&D game, working on a book, and learning two different languages while juggling my day job and pondering graduate school. Why does he beat me? Because he practices harder and longer. Because I’m not as patient as he is.

    Playing against him has made me a better player. He has always been willing to offer advice without judgement and to help me get better. He has taught me new things about the game both with and without trying to do so.

    So, with respects, reserve your judgement and get to work. When you win as much as Andrew does, you’ll have the right to decide whether or not he’s being arrogant.

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    i’m still waiting for Andrew to take my challenge,… sigh, i guess i’ll continue to wait.

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    @Marshmallow-of-War Why thank you Jonathan! I do not think I have ever had anyone stand up and defend me before; I appreciate the sentiment. Happy Gaming!

    Oh and the check is in the mail. 🙂

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    @seancb said in OOB or BM3:

    i’m still waiting for Andrew to take my challenge,… sigh, i guess i’ll continue to wait.

    So this is the kind of attitude that will convince me to play against you. I am not interested in a trash talkin’ name calling gaming experience. I am interested in playing against talented people who will respect their opponent and want both sides to have fun while playing a competitive game.

    Since I don’t play on TripleA and you don’t play in League perhaps the best option is a Forum game in Play Boardgames?

    Right now I am full up; due to time constraints I am limiting myself to three games. One for my Tournament with @majikforce, one for here and one with some of my Seattle gaming group members that we are now playing via PBEM to get some gaming in. I just started a game with @oysteilo and then I promised @Karl7 a game so as soon as I am done with those we can play assuming you are good with the Forum Play Boardgames idea.

    Happy Gaming!

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    i’m not to familiar with forum gaming but i’m on TripleA a lot
    i’ll wait my turn.

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    I am locking this topic now, as it has gone far away from the original question.

    In case anybody has to add anything to the original poster’s question, please open a new thread to do so.

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