• I’ve been trying to figure out a good counter for these, especially on the eastern front when the front line starts getting closer to moscow. An air transport in Romania can make a landing in transcaucasia to get turkey to align or moscow. If you add the luftwaffe it makes it difficult to mount an effective defense. Any thoughts on an effective counter to these? Permanent garrison and aa guns are the best I can come up with. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    That speaks to what I was saying the other day. It’s a whole different game than A&A. You have to be aware of air transports and strategic bombers at all times because they can pop up behind you. They aren’t that powerful though because they can only transport one unit so you can defend them with few units. As the Russian make good use of militia. They are cheap and can be built anywhere in the home country. Make sure you cover your cities and places like Transcaucasia that offer big money or bonuses to the enemy. Also, make use of your own air transport capability. Sometimes it is good enough to buy a paratrooper to pair with your transport just to pose a threat to the enemy even if you don’t use them. They have to cover their own butts behind the front lines just to guard from your threat posed. If they don’t cover then make them pay.

  • Thank u sir, and do AA guns have a cap on shots they get on aircraft like in aa40? Like they can only get as many shots as there are aircraft. I didn’t think so but wanted to check.

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    @JbuckBuddy They work similarly to A&A but with two differences. You roll up to 3 dice for each AA Artillery depending on how many planes. So for instance, if there were 3 attacking planes and 2 AA Artillery defending then you would roll 3 dice for each Arty. So 6 dice in total against the 3 planes. In A&A you would only get 3 dice total instead of 6. The second difference is you can use them on offence as well as defence. If you pair them with a motorized infantry then you can move them 2 spaces (terrain permitting).

  • Two points

    1. Airborne Inf. aren’t very effective attackers, attacking at 3/2. By the numbers a couple of militia is a sufficient garrison to probably win.

    2. Using airbases to scramble into adjacent zones where an airborne assaults are taking place. You do however need one defending unit there though.

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