Rumor about 1914 reprint?

  • There’s been a rumor recently started on the Facebook group “Axis and Allies” that WWI is getting a reprint. The word is not from Avalon Hill, but instead a board game shop based in UK called Zatu Games who have been saying that they are getting reprints (or at the least copies) of the game in February and are excepting preorders for said game at only 68 pounds ($90)! Does anyone have any more info on this?

  • @playing-kid I have some information to add, but not sure it will add any clarity, still trying to make sense of it myself.

    I signed up for a stock notice from Zatu for when 1914 was in stock, and received a notice that they had it for sale again. I was able to add it too my cart, but for £70 plus another £35 they wanted to ship to the US, I decided to wait on and hope it would be popping up at a closer retailer. (Figures if this were an actual reprint it would right?)

    Well, almost a week now and it hasn’t show up anywhere else. Perhaps more odd, I checked back on Zatu the next day to find that not only was it back out of stock, but it was now listed at £170.

    Their confidence in getting new stock had my hopes high that a reprint was coming despite the lack of announcement, but now I’m thinking its not very likely. Certainly not any time soon.

  • Not looking great. 1914 edition is no longer displayed on their product page.

    To be fair, the website is undergoing an upgrade. Still, they have kept some A&A titles up, but not others (Zombies and AA50 are also MIA).

  • @zooooma I really wonder how much successful zombies has been, at the end (units sold), but I guess such data is not released.

    When it came out, I was really wondering whether it would have been a success or a flop, and I’ve still no idea.

  • @zooooma

    Yikes. Not a great sign, seems very much like a consolidation of the line.

    Sure 1914 and AA50 weren’t currently in print, but not acknowledging them on the website suggests they’ve joined classic and revised in the not going to be reprinted category. If true, thats a huge shame. AA50 is by far my favorite edition of the game. Its sad to think the copies that exist now might be all there will ever be.

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