Code Atlas - A modern grand strategy game. [closed alpha]

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    “Code Atlas” is a game of politics, intrigue, and war. In this game, five players will champion the World Powers of China, Commonwealth, European Union, Russia and United States. The goal of the game is to be the first nation to reach twenty Victory Points (VP). To achieve their goals, each player will need to form alliances with the other countries of the world, research tools to disarm opponents, and defeat insurgent forces from enemy nations.

    I have been working on this game for 11 months now and since then I met multiple people offering their help on the game and becoming good friends of mine as well as part of the developer team.

    The Game is currently in closed alpha and is being tested on the Table Top Simulator on steam. We are running a small discord community where we are discussing rules, mechanics, strategies and changes to the game. If you want to participate in our closed alpha, you may just message me on Discord directly and I will add you to our community. [Thequilla98#7327]

    Note: Please make sure you are using Steam on your PC and own a copy of Table Top Simulator on it. Those two things would be mandatory to participate in our games. You can get TTS on the Steam-shop directly and download it. If you do not want to participate in our games but just follow the development, you may simply stay on our Discord server.

    Discord - [A program free to use for messaging and calling your friends and other people.]
    Steam - [A virtual library/shop for games free to download and use.]

    The following pictures are screenshots of the game for you to check out. Hope you enjoy and maybe even get interested.
    Cya on the world stage then and stay frosty!


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    This is great! Yea get all the bugs out so its not like 1942 Online: Bugs and faulty Dice roller edition

  • @Imperious-Leader if you have time, I would love to invite you to one of our test games. 🙂

  • @Imperious-Leader I wasn’t aware that there was any other edition

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