• Was wondering a few things regarding this:

    1. A nation may not lose more than the IPP value of each convoy line per calendar turn. Does this mean the damage “resests” every two turns on January at the beginning of German turn?

    2. Does this also mean that at the intersection of the convoy lines off the west coast of Gibraltar that up to 15(3 for w.Africa + 6 for med + 6 for e.atlantic lines) can be lost?

    At first I assumed that the 6 ipps from the med line were the same as the 6 for the e Atlantic line as that seemed to add up to 25 of Britain’s overall ipps but now I’m not so sure. And further I assumed that the convoy lines were the ipps from colonies making their way back home but that doesnt seem to really add up either. Any info or clarification would be helpful. Thanks.

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    1. A calendar turn is one turn. A calendar year would be the 2 turns that you suggested. It resets at the end of every turn.

    2. Yes, but each line has to be raided separately. You have to state which line you are raiding before you roll the die. You don’t count an excess of damage to another line. Remember to keep track of IPP’s lost during the round because a line could be raided by more than 1 nation during a turn.

    There is no magic formula as to why the convoy lines are set where they are. It doesn’t add up to any particular number for any particular reason.

  • Thank u sir

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