Canuck12 (Allies) vs. MacPhearsome (Axis) - 1942 2nd ed. LH balance edits.

  • Although maybe it’s better to keep the AC and BB on the same sea zone for G1? You lose your G1 ability to close the suez, but would require a much bigger allied investment to topple… 🤔

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    Hmm. I don’t usually look at “keeping” investments, except maybe transports.

    The carrier got an extra 4 units into North Africa, and that’s all I needed. Then it drew 3 of your fighters out of Caucasus, which is where the game was eventually won. So I’d do it again.

    You made a concerted effort to win the Med, and you did. Others might not try so hard. But it’s not obvious which approach gives you the best chance of winning the game.

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    as yes, keeping them in the same zone. The only trouble with that is you are then kind of forced to sacrifice your transport to keep the British ac and cruiser out of the Med.

    But a BB/ loaded carrier combo is a beast.

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    Let me know if you ever want to have another one.

    I’m plenty covid bored these days.

    Could even try an “Anniversary Edition” game to mix things up.

  • @Canuck12
    Hmm, I think you won Caucasus because I spent 12 soviet dollars on a fighter in R2. That’s the bit that I wouldn’t do again. I saw you spend dollars on non-tanks so I relaxed too much! I’d take back that purchase in a heartbeat.

    I was super happy with the outcome of Egypt / Africa otherwise. I don’t think the carrier can take credit for getting more infantry into Africa. Comparing the two games, my axis game would’ve had the same infantry count in Africa if I hadn’t forgotten to place infantry on Italy!

  • Although I guess you never came after my initial transport. Hmmm. Too different games otherwise. Ok, maybe the carrier was better than I thought. Good game either way.

    I’d be happy to start a new one in a few weeks. I’ll let you know.

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    Yeah, you burned through a few more infantry than you want to early on then the fighter build and using UK planes elsewhere left you pretty thin.

    Russia is just so short on guys in this set-up I really think the Allies have a hard time, even with the balance adjustments.

    Anyway, happy to play again any time.

  • Yeah especially my last move as UK was a mistake. It was nice being able to shuttle fighters between Caucasus and English channel but I couldn’t simultaneously support the US landing in France. That dynamic was a bit new to me. I did think the fighter build was sometimes thin but I sort of liked the promise of it. I’d try it again.

    Your Japan play by the way… nicely executed. Your army size snuck up on me because I was expecting the attack a turn earlier. In other games I’ve had success with Russian forces re-attacking India but I threw that chance away with the fighter build. The more I think about the fighter the more I regret it. 4 infantry would have made a nice buffer against some of Japan’s early ground.

    When we play next we might as well play on the same map.

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