• Could this be the end? This army seems indestructable. I cannot beat it.

    Veteran Tiger - 65
    4 SS Panzergrenadier - 20
    Haupsterfuher - 7
    Grizzled Veteran - 8

    100 Pts.

  • I’ll put it to the test but any army can fail.  Tactics are a big part and the dice assist in the occasional victory.

  • try a few us mortar teams…  the spotters could 5 us paratroopers…  8 dice at -1 with sharpnel is AMAZING…  especially if you put a red devil captain in the trees with them.  making it even that much easier to kill the SSPG buggers!.  and then save yourself a bazooka or engineer for the last turns.  move in and kill the vet tiger…

  • The best way to defeat a Vet Tiger is to not use any vehicles.

    Use aircraft to take out the SS-HSF as quickly as you can. Have some Brens/BARs (perhaps on Jeeps or Half-Tracks) to suppress the SS-PGs.  The US Mortars can use US Aircraft to spot for them; you can even use the Jeeps if they have nothing better to do.  Paratroopers, particularily Screaming Eagles, will be difficult for your opponent to defeat.  The SE Captain gives you a nice offboard +3 initiative, but the Red Devil Captain does go nicely with the mortars.

    Mainly use covering fire to keep the infantry pinned while the aircraft take them all out.  As for dealing with the Tiger, flamethrowers and Bazookas will do the job nicely.

  • I was just going to mention using Flamethrowers. Evil minds think alike.


  • I’d like to put an emphasis on not using vehicles to challenge the Tiger unless you’re feeling VERY lucky.

  • I mentioned in another thread that it cost me 3 of 5 Sherman varients to kill the Veteran Tiger.  Pretty pricy.  we were playing a 500 pt game.

  • Unless you’re carrying something equally heavy on the armored side, bring none at all!  I agree with the others that stated this…  If he has nothing to do but intimidate with his big bad tank, who’ll be lauging then?  Jeeps and Flamethrowers (as stated) work great at 8pts a set.  The US mortars are actually my favorite unit (and I just designed a 200 pt army that will not move the entire game based around them!  bwahahha).  However, a P-38G Lightning would take care of some of the infantry for you quickly (and if you’re using the 81mm Mortars, that’s a LOT of infantry gone in the first turn).

    Royal Engineers on Jeeps also work well… as they can’t get rid of them ALL!  Another thought would be to put a RE or Flamer in an Easy Eight (but then you’re trying to match his armor instead of out-smarting it).  If done properly, M5 Halftracks and flamethrowers can work as well (more than one preferred, but that gets costly).

    You just have to accept that whatever you throw at it has a good chance of dying…  Outsmart him, outnumber him… he can be beaten!

  • @FranceTanks:

    Could this be the end? This army seems indestructable. I cannot beat it.

    Veteran Tiger - 65
    4 SS Panzergrenadier - 20
    Haupsterfuher - 7
    Grizzled Veteran - 8

    100 Pts.

    I beat an army very similar to this except that there was no Grizzled Vet and the other guy had a sniper…and the builds were slightly larger.
    Go w/ what Der Lieter said and avoid vehicles. My build was an all airbore one…British.
    Try this:
    Defiant Paratrooper x 10 = 80 pts
    Inspiring Hero x 1 = 9 pts
    Veteran SMLE Riflemen x 2 = 10 pts (remember these guys have steely resolve)
    Total = 99 pts

    Paras and Aussies should be able to toast the few infantry there. Protect the hero so that he can give you speed to trap and kill the tank. You should be able to keep it at least disrupted once you trap it.

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