Found an MB copy of Axis and Allies ...

  • Found an MB copy of Axis and Allies at a Goodwill Store. 1986 rules (looks like never read) with the 1991 Classified Rules Clarifications. The game and box are almost pristine. Oh, I paid $3 for it.

  • Very nice find!

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    Don’t know if you would know the answer to my question but maybe if you don’t you can direct me some one who might. I also just received a copy of the original game but not for $3. It came with a cardboard sheet of custom roundels that look pretty old. I have never seen these before they include: 4 yellow with the image of a zero, 6 yellow pill box, 12 jap control markers with numbers in the center, 12 USA control markers with numbers in the middle of them, 10 marines with eagle globe and anchor logo, 6 commando with skull and cross bones logo, 6 German SS with patch logo, 4 fighters unavailable this turn for duty with red circled a/c logo, 6 paratroopers with patch logo, 6 air transport with a/c art work, 6 troop carriers with truck art work, finally 2 with artillery art work. Any ideas as to who made them?


  • @AdmirlScuttlebut I suggest posting in another forum, maybe General Discussion. The markers in question aren’t from Classic, and you might get more looks if you put the question to a non-Classic-dedicated forum.

    If it’s cardboard with custom roundels as described - I really don’t know, maybe it’s not even from Axis and Allies?

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    Took your advice and moved post to General discussion.

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    I answered this in his general post. It’s from WWIIE2 (World War II Expansion 2).


  • Mine still has the $2.99 Goodwill price tag on it. Semi-pristine condition, most of the country markers weren’t punched out of the cardboard yet.

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