Ship movement in peacetime (36 scenario)

  • Hello everyone,

    i have a question about ships and their movement in peacetime in the 1936 scenario. I take Japan as an example. Can Japan move their ships to the american coast in none combat movement (i really dont like this its really stupid no nation would allow this to happen)? Same question for Italy can they move their ships when they are not at war with a major power through Gibraltar and park them at the british coast at London? Can i move my british ships with loaded transports to the coast of rome? I really tried to find something in the rulebook but it seems this is allowed…Are my assumptions correct?

  • @AlphaAeffchen said in Ship movement in peacetime (36 scenario):

    Are my assumptions correct?

    I would say they are. I think there are two exceptions though, 1) the US’s movement being restricted by their current income, 2) You cant combat move vs a nation through a canal they own.

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