Surrounded Cities and What's up with Naval base?

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    Our gaming group is confused with Gw 1936-1945 v.3 rule # 1.16 where it states:

    “A city is surrounded if all adjacent land zones are enemy possessed and if there is no undamaged Air Base / Naval Facility present. A blockaded Naval Facility is considered surrounded. If the City borders a Neutral power, it can never be surrounded.”

    So, Using Tokyo as an example city: If the USA comes and blockades sea zone 56 does this mean that Tokyo is Surrounded per “A blockaded Naval Facility is considered surrounded”? Or does that just apply to the Naval Facility alone? Also, Where is Surrounded Naval Facility ( and its effects ) mentioned in the rules?



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    It just means that, if there’s a naval facility that comes into play to be able to surround, you need to do both/all.

    In order to be surrounded, a city mush have damaged Air bases, damaged or blockaded Naval bases, and all land zones surrounding to be occupied.

    So in your example, Tokyo is surrounded when the USA controls Honshu (the territory around Tokyo), and all Tokyo air bases have been damaged, and all naval bases have been damaged or blockaded via SZ 56.

    Hope that helps!

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    The point of surrounding a city is to starve it out of supplies. The reason you have to deal with the Air Bases and Naval facilities is because the city could still receive supplies if you could ship them by air or sea to the city. Taking out those facilities robs the defender of their ability to receive supplies. The net result of a city being surrounded like this is that the defending units are -1 in their dice rolls.

    This video will explain everything in greater detail;

  • Thanks for the quick reply. I would suggest in the next edit the city rule as written be edited.

    “A blockaded Naval Facility is considered surrounded” creates confusion. Is the facility surrounded or is the city surrounded? What does a surrounded facility even do? And how is it different than a blockaded facility such that a rule clarifying that a blockaded facility is considered surrounded is needed in the first place? We found blockaded facility rules but nothing that talks to surrounded ones (similarly can you surround a facility and NOT blockade it?)

    I would suggest just deleting that sentence if a blockaded and thus also surrounded facility is meaningless in the context of the city bonus/penalty; Is this perhaps a legacy rule left over from a previous edition that no longer has meaning in v3?

  • @Arsilon said in Surrounded Cities and What's up with Naval base?:

    I think this confusion stems from confusing Blockaded and Surrounded. One could interpret surrounded as a single ship blocking a naval facility. However blockades are something specific to having 3 or more surface ships in that facility’s sea zone.

    While I see no confusion with “A blockaded Naval Facility is considered surrounded,” a more exhaustive sentence could be “A blockaded Naval Facility does not prevent a city not counting as surrounded.”

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