• Hello,

    i have a few questions about the Spanish civil war.

    Victory Point

    Can someone tell me when i count the victory point for the winner of the civil war (at the end of the game when the global war ends or when the civil war is decided)? For me its more logical to give the point when the war is decided and not at the end of the game because its a nice sidegame in the game and should be immediately rewarded for the winner.

    Can England attack the spanish factions when not at war and at peacetime income?

    It is writen on the English national chart that england can declare war on any minor nation if they pay the 10 ipp punishment. So here an example. The spanish attack the republicans at the beginning of the game in the year 1936 in spain with one infantry. Then the spanish republicans allign to the Comintern. Right? What happens now? Am i right to assume that the Comintern (Rusia) can only declare war at anyone at the beginning of July 1939? How does this influence the spanish civil war. If im in the year 1939 and the Comintern (Rusia) can declare war and they capture all of spain homecountry. Does this mean they won the spanish civil war?

    I ask this because i have a strategy in mind. I would attack with England to manipulate the war in favour of the Comintern.

    Im a little bit confused. I watched GHG´s video about the spanish civil war but many things are not clear to me.

    It would be very kind of you if you could explain this to me. I really like the rules but there are some grey zones for, im not sure about how to interpret them.

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    I think you are playing Version 2, right? My assumption is based on your VP question, as that VP condition changed a bit in Version 3. Regardless, I think my answers are all relatively the same, even though I don’t have the Version 2 rules in front of me.

    So, in Version 2, the winner of the Spanish Civil war gets that VP. Doesn’t matter if all of Spain is overrun by another power later on. The winner of the war gets a point the moment the war is won. Version 3 changed the rule to lump it in to the Worldwide Communism rule. So the rule is almost the same for the Comintern in that the IPP territory in Spain would count for them if they win the war, albeit they’d have to hold on to it by games end.

    So, you might be misunderstanding the rule a bit too. First, the game starts with the Spanish Civil War happening already. So your thought of the Spanish Republicans aligning to the Comintern is incorrect in that regard. The Spanish Civil War is fought internally until one side wins or certain things happen. In Version 2, if the Spanish Civil War is still happening once Germany and the USSR go to war, both factions align to their respective powers, even though the war isn’t resolved. If the war is resolved before Germany and the USSR go to war, then the winning Spanish faction is just a controlled minor power of the victor until it’s attacked or other conditions happen. In Version 3, it looks like this rule changed a bit. the Spanish factions stay as controlled neutral minors unless attacked later on.

    To your example of the British attacking, I’m 99.9% sure you cannot do that. I don’t have the Version 2 rules handy, so can’t say with certainty. But I believe no one can interfere in Version 2 outside of Germany, Italy, and the USSR sending Lend Lease. The British could attack a Nationalist Spain that won the Civil War, but couldn’t help while the war is ongoing. That’s if I’m remembering the Version 2 rules properly.

    In Version 3, it’s not quite as clear, but I think is implied. The rulebook at 13.1 Spanish Civil War under Participation says: "Spanish factions are controlled Minor Powers that cannot declare war on other nations. Germany and USSR are not at war with Spanish forces and cannot attack Spanish units or land zones (or vice versa). So, this specifies directly that Germany and the USSR cannot directly fight in the Spanish Civil War. I think it’s implied that no other nations may attack either while the war is ongoing, but I certainly could be mistaken there.

    Besides all that, I’d think twice on your strategy of “England to manipulate the war in favour of the Comintern”. I only say that because, as the Allied player, the UK would potentially be taking a VP away from ally France. France has a VP of Eliminate Communism, which reads: “Score 1 victory objective if the Comintern does not Possess any land zone adjacent to French Home Country. A neutral Republican Spain counts as Comintern land zones.” So, if you help the Republican’s win, France would have Communists knocking on the back door!

  • Hey,

    to clarify. I will play only version 3 when everything is there pieces and so on. But i have many rule questions… Thx for your answer.

  • If you play with the Spanish Civil War Expansion, the rules are very clear on this issue:

    SCW “1.2 Attacking Spain: No nation may declare war on Spain until the Spanish Civil War is over.”

    So the Victory Objective is awarded to either Germany or Comintern at the end of the conflit and a British attack is not allowed before and will not change the result of the finished Civil War. Note that there are also special rules for “full intervention” from some powers in the Expansion and according to SCW 4.1 the British may declare full intervention in the Spanish Civil War on the side of the Nationalists.

    I don’t see a clear equivalent to rule SCW 1.2 in the Spanish Civil War section (13.1) of the Global 1936 v3 Rules, preventing an attack before the end of the Civil War. However, Table 4-3 does say that Republican Spain aligns with the Comintern if either the Axis or the Allies declares War on it and Table 4-6 reiterates that a neutral Republican Spain will align with the USSR if attacked.

    Furthermore, Table 4-5 defines Nationalist Spain as “If the Nationalist have won the Spanish Civil War…”.

    Therefore, my understanding is that you only will know at the end of the Civil War if you have a Republican Spain or a Nationalist Spain, so the other countries should not be allowed to directly attack Spain while still in Civil War.

    I hope this helps.

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    The rules are written quite clearly for V-3.
    Allied Support: The Allies may send Lend Lease Supplies (upgrade 1 militia to 1 infantry. Price 2 IPP) to both factions. Only one Allied Power may send supplies per turn.

    That is all the Allies can do!

    The Spanish Civil War is a Historical Event within the game and you must follow the rules for that event regardless of what the reference sheets say. After the Civil War has been decided then that ruleset has been completed, which means you can treat the winner as a minor power.

    You don’t count any of the points until after the game. If the Nationalists win the civil war then the Axis can potentially collect the point for Germany and the point for Italy when the game concludes. Remember that you have to be in possession of your capital at the end of the game in order to count any points so those points aren’t actually guaranteed. The points for the Comintern and Allies are awarded as per the Victory Points rules and don’t hinge on who wins the war, although the Comintern obviously has a better chance to collect them if the Republicans win the Civil War.

    The Russians can’t possibly win the Spanish Civil War because they aren’t Spanish and wouldn’t fit within the definition of a civil war in such a case. That of course would be assuming you could ignore the rules of the Spanish Civil War and in particular those regarding Russian support that are listed along with the Axis support and the Allied support that I quoted earlier.

    The V-3 rules of the Spanish Civil War are an upgrade from the V-2 rules. You don’t need any special pieces to play it so do yourself a favour and substitute those rules into your V-2 game. The entire V-3 game is a much better game than V-2 and was created to fix the issues that arose over the years. It’s a lot more fun to play too. You can use coloured chips to differentiate between cruisers and other units that you don’t already have.

    Also know that if anyone tries to break the game by taking advantage of the way the rules are written to gain an unfair advantage then we will change the way they are written or change the rules to close the loophole that they may have discovered. Our goal is to make it the best game it can be. Please play the game with integrity and let us know if you find a problem with it. In many cases it is a simple misinterpretation of the written rules like in this case.

  • @GeneralHandGrenade


    thx for your answer. I think i need to clarify some things:

    1. First of all i bought version 3. I never played verson 2. I bought this game because i watched your videos and liked what you showed about the game (i play axis and allies over 15 years and i want a more complex game).

    2. I know how hard it is to write rules for a game. But some of the rules are not total clear at least for me in Global war 1936 V. 3. Because im learning the game.

    3. It is not my intetion to break the game by taking advantage of the way the rules are written to gain an unfair advantage or gaming the system. I just wasnt sure how exactly the spanish civil war works for the allies becaue i didnt know regardless of what the reference sheets say that i have to follow the event.

    Thx for your clarification now i know how it works. Im just learning thx for your help. By the way i really like your youtube channel. Keep up the good work.

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    Thanks. I wasn’t accusing you of intentionally breaking it I just wanted everyone to know that we are staying on top of it and appreciate when people bring up things that could potentially break it. I’m going to be making more how-to vids in the future as soon as I get the new rulebook and just like the reference sheets they will be watched first by the dude writing the rules before I release them to ensure accuracy.

    Where are you located? Do you have other players in your group?

  • Hey,

    i live in Germany. I always play with my playgroup. We are three people we are playing a long time together (they all live in my hometown). Now we are learning Global war 1936 v. 3. I bought the map and ordered tons of plastic from HBG (i also bought the Amerika game for the pieces) and E-bay. Its so much fun to learn the rules and i really like what i see. We are all excited to play. Your videos are helping a lot. I also like the new game Global war 1914 but first im happy to play and learn Global war 1936 v3.

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    @AlphaAeffchen Yes I would recommend you play 36 for awhile before switching to 14. There are many of the same game mechanics and so once you have them memorized it will be a much easier transition. It’s been tons of fun helping to develop the game and playtesting it.

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    @AlphaAeffchen Yeah, I hear you on #2 above. To the untrained player, that rule isn’t really definitive. It doesn’t explicitly say the Allies cannot attack only what they can do, which it probably should to be more clear. People that play and come here for answers and discuss with GHG can get a lot of clarifications. But if someone came into this game cold, that’s a totally reasonable question to need an answer to!

  • @Chris_Henry

    Besides all that, I’d think twice on your strategy of “England to manipulate the war in favour of the Comintern”. I only say that because, as the Allied player, the UK would potentially be taking a VP away from ally France. France has a VP of Eliminate Communism, which reads: “Score 1 victory objective if the Comintern does not Possess any land zone adjacent to French Home Country. A neutral Republican Spain counts as Comintern land zones.” So, if you help the Republican’s win, France would have Communists knocking on the back door!

    Although there may be a good argument to declare war with France. Not for influencing the results of the Spanish civil war, but to move as many units to a conquered landzone, which will then become Free French once France falls. For example, if Catalonia was the last republican land zone, France could invade, and stalemate the end of the civil war, denying the 2 axis VPs and their free infantry per turn.

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    Again let me stress that nobody is allowed to invade Spain until the Spanish Civil War has concluded and a victor is declared. Until then the other nations are only allowed to lend lease to one of the Spanish factions. You gave a good example of why that is the case my Insane friend. Doing something like that would bend the game on a technicality. You must continue the Civil War even if it takes the rest of the game.

    If that weren’t the rule then you could rob the Axis of 2 points simply by declaring war on one of the factions. You wouldn’t even need to attack it. Bad Hoshi!

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    Hahaha, Bad Hoshi.

    Yeah, sorry, my quote there was only in reference to your original hypothetical after we established this wasn’t possible, @insaneHoshi! My point was only if you could have attacked (which again, you cannot), it would maybe have been a risky idea!

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