• So US attacked with a tactical bomber, a fighter, and a submarine. The Japanese has an aircraft carrier with a tactical bomber and fighter on board, and a transport in the seazone being atacked.

    After the initial turns of the battle, USA loses the bomber and fighter, while Japan loses the bomber and aircraft carrier.

    Japan has a fighter and transport remaining while USA has a submarine remaining.

    My question: since the plane and submarine cannot attack each other, what happens to the Japanese transport? does it get destroyed or does it remain in the sea zone?

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    It gets destroyed. Same as if US attacked a lone Japanese transport with a single sub and the Japanese could “scramble” to defend. The basic battle of sub vs. fighter + transport is not a fight. The fighter will not hit, and the sub gets to torpedo the transport.

  • @surfer Good to know - thanks!

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    You’re welcome. Enjoy the game.

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