• There are many times where the board is “too busy” to see things correctly when in the non-combat phase of the game. It’s often not until you move to the next part of your turn that you notice a bug in where you clicked so that your forces are not where you want them. There is nothing unfair about allow a player “in their turn” to go back and correct this. This should be the default level of play given how complex the board can be.

    This is the most important feature (even above the silly game crashes sometimes) to implement and I’d mark this the top priority to fix. Please correct this so that games are not lost due to the inability to be able to see clearly where forces are placed.

  • 100% agree

    1. Change combat phase so first battle doesn’t auto-start
    2. Add “go back” from before any dice are rolled in combat phase to purchase phase
    3. Add “go back” from end turn (after mobilization) to beginning of noncombat.

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