• can a paratrooper drop into ANY hex in their movement phase? it seems common sense would dictate a forest/hill/city hex would not be allowed but we cannot find anything disallowing this.

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    Any hex that is not adjacent to an enemy unit.

    “The name of the game is Axis & Allies, which has always emphasized the game over the simulation.” 1

    1 Johnson, Mons. (2006). Designer Notes: D-Day. Avalon Hill. Retrieved June 8, 2006, from http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=ah/aam/ah20060607c

  • The Paratroopers don’t drop in, the SA is more of an assumption that the Paratroopers have already been deployed and have had the chance to move into position before the two forces meet.

    That’s it in theory anyway.

  • I almost forgot to use mine yesterday.  When I did, they were critical to supporting an open flank.

  • I hate them cause they like pop up behind you and if they get placed correctly they cause a lot of problems.

  • SNLF Paratroopers are just fine. Definant Paratroopers are reasonable. It’s just the Screaming Eagle Paratroopers that are overpowered.

    And yes, the fact that your army can roll/march through a hex and the next turn… Oh look you missed the paratroopers hiding there  :roll:

    My house rules have been ‘Deploy them with vanguard on turn 1, or they can come in on any mapside’

    Makes them still good, but not nearly as bad.

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