JDOW (X) vs Pejon 88 (L+12) Game 2

  • '15 '14

    The edit was ok. I just misread.

    Ool for 97 is max defense. I would prefer the battleship to die last but there may be situations i take it off earlier in case the sub is still alive. I am around anyway.

  • @JDOW Ok. Ok, here goes the fateful battle! I will start from the Chinese turn and only roll for that battle and adjust in the other save file. I guess that is preferred?

  • Well that was that! 😕

    I felt that with the extremely great start for Germany and Japan I had to do something to get right back into the game, but instead I played right into the hands of Italy. Considering my opposition, I needed to go on the offensive right away. At least we finished before year’s end 😉

    I can also blame that this is my first year playing in the league so I am very much still learning. Let’s play again next year!

    Good luck with the rest of your games!

  • @Pejon_88 I will post.

  • '15 '14

    Oh, I am sorry this game ended this way.
    I would advise you to not put the panic button that early. German’s had a good start but it was nothing egregious, as the opener is rather safe. Always nice to not lose planes in 111 but the bismarck and the sub were sunk.

    Japan was also “just” average.

    Thus, next time take 4 Chinese to Yunnan against 2.
    Also, move the carrier in 97. If you do Taranto, do it right:)

    And one more piece of advice. If you feel behind and want to increase the risk level, do it by offering the opponent better odds that you would do normally but do not make risky attacks yourself.
    Comparable to our game where I offered you 50% at Egypt which I would not have done if I would have been ahead at his point.

    Anyway, thanks for the games. You are a great opponent and sportsman!

  • @JDOW Me too, but I don’t regret it really. With that few dice rolled anything can happen really and it’s part of the game. I would have maybe done the same thing again if faced with the same situation. But what I really need is more experience to make better decisions in similar situations in the future.

    Never seen that exact opening, but really liked it. Safe as you say and extremely efficient with leaving the brits without destroyers and transports. Very cool, I will try it. Also to negate them the objective and heavy convoy.

    I agree about the Japanese opening, but rather included the Chinese debacle in that analysis, which was of course also because I played on the edge again… Seem to be doing that a lot lately…

    Reason being I did not commit the AC in SZ97 is because I saw an opportunity to put a nice fleet in SZ92, with 3 cruisers, one battleship, one AC etc.
    I guess that’s the major obvious downside with that German opening? Would I have succeeded, Italy would have been down to only one bomber and UK doing great in the med already.

    That last piece of advice is really to my liking. I have rarely done it myself (except in Caucasus in out last game, but you didn’t bite 😉 )

    Thanks for the compliments and vice versa. Looking forward to giving you more challenging games in the future.

  • 2019

    @Pejon_88 Axis opening wasnt particularly lucky. It wasnt unlucky but it was conservative (No Normandy!) and so even with a bit of bad luck it would still look good. 2 inf lost in yugo, bb lost in 111.

    Japanese opening wasnt particulary lucky either. Completely expected.

    Allied opening on the other hand was so aggressive that before the game even starts you are basically saying I’m ok with a 40% chance of losing before the game even starts.

    You played pretty well in the last game, some slight changes and you could have won. You and Trulpen are playing well against Adam and AD. Some minor improvements in that game and you would have had it won already.

    Perhaps this was just a case of an over-reaction from a new opening.

  • Agreed, rather referred to my bad Chinese turn.

    Haha fair enough!

    I think it definitely might have been an over-reaction yes.

    Just starting a new game with AD now, so I will play more conservative as the Allies and not let the the fact that I play against a very competent player, play tricks on me and affect my own game.

    Thanks guys!

  • '15 '14

    Good luck. Just don’t be shy. Conservative play means rather being conservative when attacking but as Allies you need to be bold in what you offer your opponent to attack. If you never give the Axis chances (that include chances to fail) the Allies usually never make enough progress.

  • Thanks! Great advice!

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