• Hi, does anyone know what the cost of Radar facilities should be if playing with Operation Sealion? 5 or 1? Or does the British get a cheaper one when playing the expansion?

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    @sleipnersm38 I guess I don’t know where you get a cost of 5 IPP from?

    In the base game, researching Radar just gives you the effects for the rest of the game that come with Radar. You don’t need to buy anything other than the IPP’s spent researching the technology.

    For Operation Sealion expansion, the Chain Home Radar is a specific piece you can build after researching Radar. The table on page 10 of the expansion rules say the cost is 1 IPP, so I think that answers your question.

    I don’t actually play with this expansion though, so it’s possible that someone with more knowledge than I can assist better!

  • @Chris_Henry Hi, I have the second version of the game (should have mentioned that). If you research Radar in v 2 you can build radar facility for 5 IPP. In Sealion the British can build the chain radar facility which works just like the ordinarie one but have a cost of 1.

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    @sleipnersm38 Hmm well shoot. I don’t have the V2 rules handy. I have them printed, but now it looks like HBG took them down from their site now that they’ve retired it.

    I didn’t think that rule had really changed though? I must be mistaken if you’re seeing a cost for radar in the V2 game.

    If that’s the case, I think you just need to go off of what the Expansion Rules would say.

    That, or if you’re unsure, maybe you have to pay the standard cost of 5 IPP to build a radar, but the British can pay an additional 1 IPP to “upgrade” a radar to a chain radar facility? Just a thought!

    I can check back in once I get my hands on the V2 rules again. Over at my dad’s place, and haven’t been able to go there since this virus hit.

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    The rules of any of the expansion sets replace the rules of the game within the scope of those expansion rules. You’re correct in assuming the British get a special price for radar when using the Sealion Expansion. You will find these types of special costs in many other expansion sets as well. Unless you’re creating your own house rules, use the rules of each particular expansion in your game.

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