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  • Hey, everyone out there. Is anyone good at creating 3d designs for axis and allies minatures? Preferably with some sort of free cad software. I’m looking for a teacher or someone who can give me a few pointers. I’m working to create pieces for my 1955 Cold War game, so that people don’t have to use pieces from previous games. I’m working in conjunction with HGB (Historical Boardgaming), however, they do not want to provide money for a car software, and do not give out the information of their modelers. If your willing to help, just dm me or post in the thread.

  • Please, I’m not looking for a big commitment, or even a lot of experience, just some pointers.

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    One fellow member of, vodot, has been known to spin a model or two. Perhaps he can help you out. An example of some of his work is available here as well.


  • Thanks I reached out to him but no word yet. I’m doing better then I expected, early jet fighters look pretty simple (early migs look pretty much identical to the sabre and starfire and whatnot) and we’re pretty easy to make, but my tank (the Chinese Type 59, just a rebranded t-55) look like a zamboni that got cancer and grew treads and a gun. I would download them from the internet but I worried about the legal issues with that, and most of the 3d models for the internet, are more complicated then normal axis and allies ones are. So, in other words, I’m still looking for help.

  • It’s not perfect, but it has the same level of detail as a regular axis and allies piece considering it’s size. I’m not sure I will need help designing anymore. I figured it out for myself.[0_1603832941634_Type 59 (1).stl](Uploading 100%)

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