Germany and Rocket strategy ?

  • Hello all Axis & Allies Rev. players……

    Wondering if this strategy will work for Germany…

    First round bye 8 INF + AC or only INF  in none combat move the AA gun from vest euro to Germany, and the AA gun in Germany to Est. Germany

    AND sec. round dev. Rocket, now i can fire one rocket for UK IC and Causus IC and Moskva IC… if i can take 9-11 IPC each round from the allies (ussr+uk) the money I invest in dev. the Rocket is earned back quick !.. if the game is 7-9 rounds Germany will dest. about 70 IPC    🙂

    Has any one tried this strategy with Rocket

  • A friend of mine is planning to try this strat on our next game. I belive it is viable if you get rocket without spending too much IPC into it, i.e. not spend your whole 40 IPC in it.

    I find it cheesy though so I don’t think that I’ll try it myself.

    I think the same way about the US buying only bombers and researching heavy bomber when they have like 6 bombers. Without the LHTR rule revision for the SBR this is almost a sure win for the Allies.


  • Im considering using this strategy in the second round of the DAAK low luck tournament, if I get the axis. But Im still not sure if it pays of trading all the early game infantry in for this tech, it might lower your own income the first few turns, but if it turns out to be a long game im quite sure the free rocketshots will pay of in the end!


  • I might have to try this so what do you propose then, not getting the AC and going 3 die on rockets, or sticking with the 8 inf/1ac first round buy and buying rockets second round?

  • Im not quite sure on the first turn buy yet… I’ll have to try out a few things, but I guess the strategy won’t include a navy-buy.
    If you have to strengthen your navy, research and still push towards russia wihtout to much delay I think your aiming at the impossible…
    But if you try it out I would like to hear what you did and how it went.

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    That rocket thing has been basically refuted as a viable opening.

  • With that open, Russia still ends up economically superior to Germany due to the number of German IPC gains in R1-3 and the lack of German ability to sustain a counter-attack in G2-4 due to the IPC drain and lack of units bought in G2.  What Germany takes away from the Rockets, Russia gains back in central european territories.

    The net effect is the “rocket damage” is done to Germany not Russia.

  • Ive done some calulations for DAAKs low luck rules for this tech to Germany…
    My basic idea was to research the tech fairly quick, but more dice gets expensive with the DAAK Rules so Ive puzzled a bit with buying two dice per turn which will be an avarage cost while you get the tech fairly quick. This will cost 33 IPC over the course of the first three turns and then the tech will come in with a 100% chance in GER#3 and you can start using them by GER#4
    Now you can take 3-4 IPC away from both moscow and London and 2-4 away from caucasus (the damage is based on DAAKs rules regarding SBR damage compared to IPC value of countries)
    This is an average damage of 10 IPC per turn (3,5 + 3,5 + 3)… Profit for germany on turn 8, but at the cost of 11 infantry who could be used to on the eastern front to trade territorries with the russians. Im affraid that putting this kind of money in this tech would also mean that it will take much longer to conquer Caucasuses.

    I don’t think its worht it.

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