• I seem to have trouble finding the Maritime Air Patrol range for seaplanes anywhere in the rules. I have gathered that all other aircraft has a MAP range of 1 space away from where they are, and that medium bombers can increase that to 2 with the long range aircraft tech, but all I can seem to find for seaplanes is that they have a “longer” MAP range than other aircraft. What is this longer range? 2 or 3? And further, is everything else I have mentioned seem accurate? Assistance plz, and sorry if I am just slow and missing something obvious here.

  • I think the latest version of the rule might have an error where they forgot to include it.

    I’m positive that prior versions of the rules list the seaplane having a MAP range of 2 (which isnt increased by any sort of base or long range aircraft BTW)

  • Hey,

    can someone tell me Attack, Defense and regular Movemnet for seplaanes? They are missing in the manual. Oh and the production cost pls.


  • @AlphaAeffchen They are still present on the individual nations sheets.

    If I recall correctly:

    A: 3 D:3 M:4 Cost: 7

  • 2021 '20 '19 '18 '17

    Their movement is actually 6, according to the national reference sheets. Otherwise, the other stats @insaneHoshi gave are correct.

    But yeah, be sure to check the national reference sheets for some of those things!

  • @insaneHoshi Don’t you think this would be a bit odd? It would mean that there isn’t an Atlantic gap from the beginning of the game.

    It will also make the PB4Y from “Battle of the Atlantic” expansion pretty useless, especially since it cost 3 IPP more than the seaplane.

    By the way, the cost for the PB4Y is also pretty high compared to the regular medium bomber. 1 more result in the long-range tech and you have a better subhunter and a much better allround aircraft for only 1 extra IPP. What do you think?

  • @sleipnersm38 I dont see how this would result in an atlantic gap, since there is no where on the atlantic line that is out of a seaplane’s MAP range.

    And yes, it does sound like that PB4Y is massively over costed. On the other hand, the 1 IPC Blimp which acts like a 1 range seaplane (which sounds broken), might make up for it.

    To be honest, it might just be a case of this expansion being poorly written as evidenced by over costed PB4Ys, severely under costed blimps (which technically cant move RAW).

  • @insaneHoshi Hi, I meant that if the Seaplane have a patrol range of 2 instead of 1 from the start - that would mean that the allies can cover all convoy spaces with aircraft from start. That would be wrong, historically. So the range should be 1 to simulate the Atlantic gap problem the allies had.

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