• We have started including The Elite of the Third Reich expansion in our game.

    There are markers for SS Units that are not mentionned in the exapansion rulebook (32th, 34th, 35th & 37th). Is this an oversight or are they just extra roundels?

    I also noticed that the 31st SS is mentioned as a unit to be created in both Yugoslavia (page 6) and Hungary (page 8). Historically, the latter seems more accurate. Is this a typo (maybe one of the unused units goes in Yugoslavia?) or do you have to choose where you will use this unit?

    There also seems to be some discrepancies in the Advanced Rules of the expansion. For instance:

    January 1943 : 10th SS Panzer Division: Place the 10th SS marker beneath a medium armor in Berlin.
    12th SS Panzer Division: Place the 12th SS marker beneath a medium armor in Berlin.

    July 1943 : 10th & 12th SS: Upgrade the 10th and 12th SS Divisions to a Medium Armor if they are in a supply path.

    If the units are created as SS Medium Armor in January, what are we supposed to upgrade them to in July?

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    @Noneshallpass To your first point, I have a feeling they just sent some extra roundels. I’m sure it was just easier to send the full roundel sets in the Expansion, rather than pick through them and take 4 out, when if you bought just the roundel sets you’d receive everything.

    To your point on the 31st SS, I’m with you there in confusion haha. My gut says this instance is an oversight. You may want to email them and ask for clarification I suppose. Or maybe GHG shows up and knows the answer 🙂

    To your question on the 10th and 12th SS Panzer Division, that may take a literal meaning of the rules of possibility and/or availability.

    The January 1943 placement states: “Place the 10th SS marker beneath a medium armor in Berlin,” and “Place the 12th SS marker beneath a medium armor in Berlin.” The keywords in those are that the armor needs to already be in Berlin. Meaning, if you don’t have a medium armor physically in Berlin on the January 1943 turn, you couldn’t convert them to SS Panzer units yet.

    Meanwhile, the July 1943 placement states: “Upgrade the 10th and 12th SS Divisions to a Medium Armor if they are in a supply path.” So all this one needs is medium armor in your possession that are in a supply path, and not necessarily in Berlin.

    Point being, I think the July 1943 option is more of a “just in case can’t place in Janaury 1943” situation. I hope that helps, and I suppose I could be wrong there, but I think that’s a good description of how to play that one!

  • @Chris_Henry Thanks for your reply.

    The extra roundels answer makes sense, since they do provide a full set in numerical order, but they did go to the trouble of printing the individual insigna for each unit, so it seems a waste not to have a rule for all of them. Maybe they are useful for house rules or other wargames.

    Regarding the 10th & 12th SS Panzer Divisions, your explanation also makes sense, but then the July 1943 placement should read “Place the 10th/12th SS marker beneath any Medium Armor unit in a supply path” instead of using “Upgrade the 10th and 12th SS Divisions to a Medium Armor”, which implies that these specific SS units are already on the board.

    I guess that’s the best way to play it pending further clarification.

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    @Noneshallpass I think the roundels were originally just a fun extra flavor for using under your Panzer Grenadiers in the standard game (i.e. before they created this expansion). So it was, and is, fun to have the insignia’s included on even just for flair! But when using the Expansion I suppose they become worthless as a Global War piece since the standard game Panzer Grenadier rules are replaced. But yeah, I do think that’s the explanation on why you received them with the Expansion.

    Good point on the wording. I could certainly be wrong given that wording that I clearly overlooked. My gut says that might be an error, in wording, but that’s obviously not official haha. I’d say if there’s one big flaw in the rules over time, it’s been consistency in wording and also clarification at times, so I do think that could be it.

    I guess you could, as a sort of “house rule”, decide that the January 1943 placement rules can be changed to putting the roundels under mechanized infantry, and then the July 1943 would be upgrading those mechanized infantry to medium armor? May be too much of a stretch though.

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