Axis & Allies VS Axis & Allies Revised

  • Ok, I am not new to whatever game I have, but in joining these boards I see that there are a lot of variations of the same great game.  I got my game used and I think I am missing 1 or 2 AA guns but that’s about it.  In my rulebook it says 2nd Edition, so am I playing the original Axis & Allies or Axis & Allies Revised?  What are the major differences?  Which is more popular?  Thanks in advance.

  • Nevermind… I found a thread explaining some of the differences.  Looks like I got the classic Milton Bradley version.

  • The discussions for that version are under “Axis and Allies”, and covers both the ORIGINAL version, 2nd Edition (that you have) and 3rd Edition (with rule modifications from the 1998 Hasbro CD)

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