• I’m going to be completely honest. I did design a Godzooky miniature for A&A on Sculptris and printed him out. He always cost’s one more IPC then it is ever possible to have in any game and only japan could buy him. Also, all of his stats are zero because he is so useless, but he does have the ability to fly, so if you want to move a useless unit around by building an unbroken string of air bases, you can. He can’t land on carriers, be transported by any other unit, or scramble, and is instantly taken as a free casualty in combat. I thought it would be an accurate representation of how useless he was. He can however, be sent on air mission into the sea in which he has no chance of finding a suitable landing spot. That’s his only benefit because I thought it would only be fair if he had the opportunity to commit seppuku along with all of his other Japanese brethren. If anyone is actually interested in this I suppose I could post a picture and attach the file of his 3d file, but I’m guessing no one wants that.

  • Hey, everyone! I was talking to Gen about possible Axis & Allies games. After Axis & Allies: Zombies, I realized Avalon Hill no longer has any standard for quality or historical accuracy, which is why I’ve come up with some of the following games. Kong & Godzilla: Pacific 2013, Axis & Allies: Downfall of Disneyworld, Axis & Allies: The Feds are Keeping Hitler’s Brain Alive Inside a Jar! Axis & Allies: Monopoly, Axis & Allies: 2016 Election. Any takers?

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    adding monster island with a number of monsters that essentially are berserkers that randomly move from the island and randomly attack nations would be cool. At times they could fight each other or just destroy the pieces. They could be killed and would presumable have special powers. Avalon Hill did make a game with this theme using USA as a map. It was something …monsters…not sure

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    Could use the 1914 map and integrate Universal’s monsters in a turn of the century setting:

    Paris: Phantom of the Opera
    Romania: Dracula
    Switzerland: Frankenstein
    Cairo: The Mummy
    London: The Invisible Man, Werewolf of London, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (not Universal but nod to Hammer)
    Brazil: Creature from the Black Lagoon

    Monsters can both attack territories but also be captured.

  • See but how can we incorporate a roleplaying element? These need to be new flashy and exciting, and Avalon Hill understands that what Axis and Allies gamers really want is something completely divergent from what all other A&A games are like, and what we say we want.

  • I also think we need to make it so that any damage a family pet does to the board can’t be fixed, and legalize tantrum induced board flips.

  • @Militarized-Milkmen What if we changed the unit sculpt for each unit with other unit sculpts?

    The tank now uses the battleship sculpt, aircraft carriers use bomber sculpts, and so forth. If anyone questions just say they’re fantasy versions.

  • I agree, I also propose for each unit, we have words written on it in a language other than that the unit is of, similar to mega pokemon in the trading card game. The words don’t have to actually make sense, just look cool.

  • UGH!!! Clearly you don’t understand what were looking for here @Playing-Kid! We want a tradition of half @$$ed garbage, not a tradition of quality!

  • Axis and Allies and Aliens
    Inspired by Pacific Rim, Battleship, and The Great Martian War. Rifts open up in sea zones and alien spacecrafts move into the oceans and eventually into land areas. The Axis and Allied powers may be forced to join together to fight them. Aliens are looking to destroy as many cities as possible to exterminate the human race.

  • And you could have one of those domes you press in on to roll dice, like in the game trouble, that looks like the alien mothership!

  • @MonsieurMurdoch Axis & Allies forced to join together? Naw, the aliens are clearly evil so would instantly join the Axis side. This will surely balance Global 40 now!

  • Use the Nazi UFO program conspiracy and have Germany be experimenting with Alien technology to use in the war. Then, oops!, they accidentally send a signal to the Aliens, who come to invade Earth. However, they decide to eliminate the Allied powers first, for the Nazi’s new alien based weaponry equals the playing field. So, Germany will have to watch their backs because the Aliens could strike at any moment, and with both the Axis powers and the Aliens attacking the Allies, Germany won’t have any nearby support except for Italy.

  • Continuing off of the theme of monsters:
    Axis and Allies: The Call of Cthulhu or Axis and Allies and Lovecraftian Horror.

  • Axis and Allies Candy Crush Soda Saga Legacy Double Elite Triple Infinity Mega Diamond Deluxe Platinum Edition?

  • Top 10 Axis & Allies game ideas that will make you say ‘that’s just Monopoly?’

  • @Playing-Kid
    Just that, Axis and Allies Monopoly. Players are divided into the Allied and Axis, with the Soviet Union potentially as a separate team. The board is shaped like the Axis and Allies 1941 map, but the territories are grouped like in Monopoly. When you buy a territory, you also receive some armies, which you can use to capture the opponents territories. The team with the most territories and money at the end of the games wins.

  • Ah but you’ve then established a double standard. What would be the exact value of territories to money, 5 to 1? Or are we assuming that you just sell all the assets in the territory to the devil at the end of the game, and get the starting value of the territory? I also think that you should make it so that your territories generate more IPCs per round based on how many houses you built. IPC’s must not be confused with monopoly money.

  • That is true. Okay, in true monopoly fashion, the person with the most IPC’s (the only economy will be IPC based) at the end of the game will win. IPC’s are generated from the territories, and will increase with each house and eventually hotel placed. IPC’s are used to buy territories, houses, hotels, and units. For first time a territory is bought, it will generate units. Units will move around the board in a single group to attack and capture other territories or can be placed in a territory to defend it. The role of the unit cannot change, if it’s offensive it stays offensive, if it’s defensive it stay’s defensive. Units can be sold in for IPC’s.

  • Have you heard of monopoly mega edition. Those allow sky scrapers, train depots, and add an extra movement die. How will you factor this in.

  • Use minor and major factories for “skyscrapers”. Minor factories can be built once a territory reaches 2 or more houses. They can than be upgraded to major factories. Both minor and major factories provide an additional ICP boost to the territory. Train stations and airbases will account for extra movement points and even moving from one point on the map to another that’s spanning 3-4 spaces. Trains stations for land units, airbases for air units. Of course, this brings in the question about the role of naval units. Potentially they can blockade island and coastal territories, and transports can allow units to move over sea spaces to attack island and coastal territories.

  • Will the soviet union get the requirement of all of their territories generating the same number of IPCs to ballance out the supermassive value of everything east of novosibirsk?

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