[Global 1940] Limiting air power

  • A major factor that makes it so easy for the axis to win the game is the air power that can project over long distances.
    This also makes the game a lot less historic as you can attack way longer ranged the any bomber could fly in those days.

    But if air power could not project that far as there are limits to how far a plane can fly this would change the game a lot and might balance it in favor of the allies. But also make it a lot more historical.

    Just an idea but if we made the attack range of a plane its max movement /2 rounded up. So a bomber can attack a max of 3 spaces around it( 4 if comming from an air base )

    Now suddenly the med is a combat zone again, pacific the Japanese planes are a lot less powerfull and R1 and even J1 is not nearly as powerfull as before.
    India crush will also be a lot harder because you cant use your planes that far out.
    And defending against a fleet from the US as germany doesnt work because your bombers cannot even get to the spot again.

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    Easiest way to test this would to be not give planes an extra move from an airbase. Leave airbases and still buy them at a cheaper cost and just have them with built in AA D@1 up to 3 planes on a SBR attack and can scramble 3 planes into a sz with naval battles. For every 2 damage (6 max) on airbase, 1 less plane can scramble.

    The bomber for me is to strong. But some will disagree which is fine. Give a Bomber a movement of 5 ? 6?

  • Might make airbases less powerfull. The idea of adding 1 extra range to the attack ranged of a plane does help a lot making the pacific island suddenly pretty usefull to capture.

    And well limitation can also be done by players no need to mod for it.

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    @ShadowHAwk said in Limiting air power:

    Might make airbases less powerfull. The idea of adding 1 extra range to the attack ranged of a plane does help a lot making the pacific island suddenly pretty usefull to capture.

    And well limitation can also be done by players no need to mod for it.

    Cheaper airbase will give the scramble option in some areas too to protect smaller fleets.
    Granted some islands only had strips so 1 plane could only scramble but its what you want in your game.

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    Another option to make up for the lost 1 move is to let up to 1 or 2 or 3 planes scramble into a territory next to it. Limit only 3 planes or 1 airbase scramble per territory.

    The 1 less move will slow the game down. Its how far you want to go.
    Good Luck.

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    And something else to consider would be to have different aircraft range rules (for instance whether or not airbases give a movement bonus) for the Europe and Pacific sides of the game map, or perhaps for the Pacific islands versus everywhere else, given that the size of the Pacific is vastly underrepresented on the game map and given that most of the Pacific islands have no IPC values and thus little other incentive to be captured. I was recently reading part of a book by James Dunnigan which made the point that, with eastern China under Japanese occupation and Russia neutral, Japan was beyond the useful reach of any existing American bomber at the start of the Pacific war, including the B-17 (which the Japanese knew about). Even the later and much longer-range B-29 (which the Japanese didn’t know about) couldn’t be deployed in massive numbers against Japan until the American took the Marianas. A few B-29 attacks against Japan were mounted before then from the unoccupied parts of China, but they were impractical because of the difficulties of getting the required fuel to the bases there; about two pounds of fuel had to be expended for every pound that reached the airbases.

  • Well the idea is to make the game more historicaly accurate and not having planes fly half the world attack and then fly the rest of the world in 1 move.

    Fighters from london attacking ships off italy that is just way to much range.
    Same with air from western germany flying to gibraltar and attacking. They barely could reach london.

    But i dont want to make it to slow to move aircraft around. So if their move is capped at half the max range for combat moves but their normal range for non combat you can still move them around the board fast but no more huge ranges that they can attack from.

    Means the UK can have a safe fleet off gibraltar or egypt and malta becomes really important for both sides.
    Also carriers are still powerfull in the pacific but japan cannot use its planes against india and against a US fleet from the same location.

    But also german fleet is generaly safe in the baltic. No more taranto round with overwhelming odds and no more J1 while killing the battleship.

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    I would just start out with no AB +1 bonus move for all planes in combat and non combat. Play some games.

    For what its worth my game has only naval planes that can land on Carriers. So now Japan mostly has to decide if he’s gonna take a naval plane or fig and now he may need a fig on ground or a naval plane based on US fleets.
    Just saying he can’t just keep putting normal figs on Carriers where he needs to buy them now for Carriers.

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    An option for allowing non-combat moves to get planes where you need them, without giving them too much tactical radius, would be to change both how combat and non-combat moves work for planes. Fighters (and Tac. Bombers) will be referred to as “Ftr/Tac”, (Strat.) Bombers will be called “Bomb”.

    Combat movement: Ftr/Tac gets 2, Bomb gets 3. When returning from combat, you either return them from whence they came or you can send them to a new location, with restrictions. Said restrictions: Movement to new location must be within the combat movement range of the plane. Also, there must be at least one other allied air unit that was staging from that territory at the beginning of your turn. Further, must announce this movement before the beginning of the Combat round. (Optionally, must also have a airfield in that territory). (New location after combat is to allow for “shuttle bombing”, which was a tactic used by the USAAF in Europe during the War.)

    Non-Combat movement: Planes (any of them) can move in non-combat from one allied airfield to another allied airfield, no matter the range. The plane must start turn at airfield in order to use this movement. Otherwise, non-combat movement is Ftr/Tac 3, Bomb 5.

    A different take, perhaps useful. My 2 IPCs all the same.


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