Building ICs on friendly neutral territories (TripleA)

  • I noticed something odd when running a game on Triple A earlier. I accidentally bought a complex a turn early, with the intention of putting it in a friendly neutral territory after I took control of it. When it came time to place units at the end of the turn, I noticed the program actually did allow me to put it on the friendly neutral even though I had just captured it in that round. I then tried to put the IC on a territory I actually fought over, and predictably got the error msg saying I can’t put an IC there yet.

    So, under the rules, it says you can’t put ICs in territories you ‘captured’ this turn. I’m thinking friendly neutrals don’t count as ‘captured’ which is why I was allowed to put the IC there, but wanted to clarify in case I’m getting something wrong and the Triple A program has a bug. Thoughts?

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    The rulebooks explicitly say:
    "Place new facilities in any eligible territory that you have controlled since the start of your turn. "

    So you are of course correct, you are not allowed to place a new IC in a just converted friendly neutral territory.

    This is one of the aspects that TripleA handles incorrectly when dealing with “neutrals”.

    So the correct handling of the rule must be player enforced.

    I move this topic to the TripleA Support category.

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