• If Japan attacks French Indo China does US come in the war against Japan?

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    @Private-Mike good day.
    No, America does not.
    Japan simply loses the 10 NO income.

  • @Witt Thank you sir

  • Just wondering, what if the UK positions troops in FIC. There is no rule saying they cant and they are allies in the global game.
    Then Japan would attack FIC and UK forces on it what would happen in that situation.

    Japan didnt declare war on the UK so its not a unprovoked declaration of war?
    But they did attack and kill UK forces which is an act of war.

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    @ShadowHAwk Good day. Japan cannot move into FIC without first declaring war on both France and the U.K.

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    British, Dutch, ANZAC (Australian-New Zealand
    Army Corps), or American territories or ships by the Japanese will be
    considered an act of war by all of the remaining Allied powers

    may attack Dutch territories only if a state of war exists
    between it and the United Kingdom and ANZAC. Japan may
    attack French territories at any time, requiring no declaration
    of war against any Allied power before doing so. p8

    These two powers also have an arrangement with the
    Dutch government in exile (Holland having been captured
    by Germany) and have taken guardianship of the Dutch
    territories in the Pacific.

    Wouldn’t the result be that Japan takes the territory but does not fight the UK at all? The last reference seems to hint that this is not a friendly-neutral occupation but rather an ally moving onto another ally-at-war’s territory, which is legal, but then a neutral vis the other allies allowed to attack France… does so…while still at peace for another 3 turns? Not certain this the answer…or how we resolve the situation once UK does enter the war…

  • Well would the UK moving into FIC be a provocation of japan? Similar to moving into china?
    Else this would be interesting, UK can force japan to attack it go get to FIC which the wording of the rules implies that it should not be the case.

  • Official Q&A

    Unlike Chinese territories, there is no restriction against moving UK-ANZAC units into French territories when UK-ANZAC is not at war with Japan. Also, the rules on page 14 regarding Powers Not at War with One Another state the following:

    A power can’t attack a territory controlled by or containing units belonging to a power with which it is not at war.

    As a result, UK-ANZAC may move units into French Indo-China at any time without affecting their relationship with Japan, and if they do so Japan must declare war on UK-ANZAC (and also France, if playing Global) before attacking it.

  • Yes the rules have a loophole in there.
    As french and UK are seperated in the rules so they obviously wanted to seperate those powers but this loophole allows you to chain them again.

    There are a lot of rules that are writen and the devs didnt think 2 much about all the implications.
    Like the russian NO in afrika and the med islands.
    Or italians attacking russia and then russia still giving germany the NO. Ofcourse Russia would not send supplies to the axis powered once attacked by them.

    And this is just another of those loopholes in the rules. France and UK can be attacked seperately but you can combine them. So thats a bit weird.

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    @ShadowHAwk @Krieghund Thanks for the answer kreig. Its more a nuance than a loophole, but it does create a new tripwire.

  • @ShadowHAwk
    All games have “loopholes” and knowing when to exploit them make them that much more fun!
    The crazy karl being an infamous one in this game.

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