Defend Calcutta Crush-????

  • What is the best way to defend the Crush? Shadow with USA fleet until they are brought into war? Seems to me if you leave the UK ships in India, they are doomed no matter what. So maybe run them to the Med to secure that instead? Buy stacks of men for India?

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    If Japan wants it, it gets it.

    I do my best to use the few ships around there to block the fleet as best as possible and try to get ANZAC planes to calcutta. I try to make it that if japan wants calcutta, it loses a large chunk of planes. Also, the US needs to have a strike force to take advantage of an out of position japanese navy.

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    Like @Aaron_the_Warmonger said: land your three Anzac Fts there and hope to take down a load of Japanese Air. I like using the French DD to prevent Bombardments, as my IK ships will have already gone West.
    The US ought to be able to take the Carolines and threaten a landing in HK or Shanghai. If the Chinese still have a stack they ought to be about to annoy the Japanese too .
    Anzac might be able to retake Java or Celebes and hurt the Japanese Islands’ NO.

  • Like the others said if Japan really wants it they will take it. The questions is how soon and at what cost. Trade Yunnan and Shan State till at least Turn 3 to deny the Japanese a free airfield. Except for perhaps 1-2 mech to accomplish the former buy lots if infantry to make it painful. Getting the 3 ANZAC fighters there via Java is helpful too.

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    @AndrewAAGamer agreed, try to keep trading yunnan and shan state is important!

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    Take Persia UK1
    Factory UK2
    Anzac Fighters to Java Z1
    Buy/Stack defense for Z because the road home is about to get cut
    If any planes survive Taranto, keep them flexible so they can fly to or near india within 1 turn
    Try not to let China die buy time
    Rebuild a small fleet in the Red sea it can also go both ways
    Bide your time

    Japan can’t blindly rush India without watching its back–it takes really skillful play to manage more than 1 factory and defend SZ 6. If 2 Japan CV go south, the US can overwhelm Japan. If Japan starts the war too early, or ramps too many factories, it cannot build against the USA

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