• I can not find anything in the rules that state that AAA guns, or other planes/Aircrafts, stops one of your own aircraft from flying over them.

    is it true that if you fly through a hostile country, then there is nothing to prevent this, or CAN prevent this?

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    It looks like you are reflecting to Revised or older rulesets.

    Significant changes have been established since then. The current AA rules have been incorporated with the 1940 2nd. ed. rulesets as well as with 1942, 2nd Edition.

    So what you don’t find in the rules is not in the rules, indeed.
    Please ask if anything in the current rulesets is unclear to you.

  • @klykke89 I was confused too. The rulebook clearly states that planes can fly over enemy territories as if they were neutral, and that AAA guns can only shoot at planes when the territory the AAA gun is in is being attacked.

    However I have seen some house rules that actually allows AAA guns to fire at enemy planes that fly over the territory they are in.

    I think that is cool, but I also think that gives the AAA gun much more power and value and that they should cost more than 5 IPC if that is the case.

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