Online's faulty air casualty selection

  • Turn 1 as England, I send my fighter from Egypt to hit SZ37 along with my fleets from SZ35 and 39. I win, and have a cruiser and fighter left over. When I get to non-combat phase, it says my remaining fighter in SZ37 only has one movement left, and therefore will die because it can’t make it back to land (and the carrier is dead). How is the game not smart enough to take off the fighter coming from Egypt (took 3 moves to get there) as my fighter casualty, instead of the one coming from SZ35 (took 1 move)? I can do the exact same battle in tripleA, and I can land the remaining fighter in India. It knows to always take off air units of the same type with fewer remaining movements first.

  • @Kakarrot1138 you select which fighter you use as a casualty yourself. There’s I believe a yellow bar that show movement points left.

  • Sweet, didn’t see that and thought it was just a stack of 2 indistinguishable fighters. Disregard post.

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