• If you KNOW your opponent is going for sealion on round 3, do you still do Taranto raid?

  • @Private-Mike Depends on the odds, how many units your opponent is bringing, and a few other factors, but generally I say no. In that situation, I would consider a Taranto raid using only the units in the med plus the bomber, hopefully your units in sz 106/109 survive, and you can get the 4 units from Canada back to Britain on the second turn. Build a ton of infantry and a few planes. If the British prepare properly, Sealion likely fails. And even if it wins, the US comes and frees the UK in a few turns anyway if they build up properly, as they enter the war upon the fall of London. Germany may have helped Italy in the med and middle east, but now they have a full strength Russian Bear in the east with the US and revitalized UK back in the game in the west. Things look alright for the allies if they can be smart against Japan.

  • @Saber25 excellent. thank you.

  • Total Global novice here, but I would say yes. Slaughtering or neutering Italy is a huge priority. I think going for the UK and trying to keep it is a poor choice early for Germany. There are five victory cities reasonably attainable and three are in Russia; so Russia is the game for Germany. After that, then it’s London or Alexandria- Alexandria is the easier choice. Which means it’s the key to the endgame for the European board.

    Therefor, to me, if the UK can’t control the Med, they are done. Which means gut punching Italy early when you have the chance. Hence Taranto. All of Italy’s bonuses are on the south side of the Med. Leave them with one transport and you still have the advantage- even with few assets early. You’ll also need a strong uk med presence for when India falls.

    Conversely, although opposed to Sea Lion, I am highly in favor of Germany having a strong enough navy early to jack with UKE, so that Italy can have a chance. Maybe Scotland, maybe London for a raid and then get out, maybe just convoy raiding them, or sneaking assets down to the Med. Otherwise, in addition to can opening, all Italy can do is garrison. If Germany can help Italy to take Alexandria, and turn that corner towards Sudan, UKE is in some serious do-do. Which allows Italy to blunt the US and Germany the chance to crush the Reds with impunity.

  • @Private-Mike Np. If you ever want to play test anything on triple A, shoot me a message!

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