What happens to aircraft if carrier is destroyed

  • I Was attacked while playing japan by the US with just 2 aircraft carrier and 4 planes and sub. I had a damaged battleship, 2 damaged aircraft carriers, destroyer and 3 scrambled aircraft to defend with. After multiple combat rolls the US was down to 2 aircraft no carriers no where to land. I had a damaged battle ship and 2 aircraft. Can the attacker keep rolling?

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    @maddabout good day. The attacker can still attack. It doesn’t matter, if he no longer has sone where to land.

  • @Witt
    What happens to the attackers planes after the combat roll? There is no place for the planes to land. Does the attacker loose the planes.

    Thanks so much

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    @maddabout if the attacking power had an Aircraft Carrier in range , that isn’t picking up other planes that can’t land anywhere else , the surviving Planes will crash into the sea and are eliminated. This is a legal move .
    But as I have said , if a Carrier can save them, it must move to the SZ to do so.

  • which brings up the fun option of sending in fighters to attack with an unlikely landing spot. For example, lets say Japan has 8 transports in the Sea of Japan, but a massive fleet stationed a zone away making it hard for your Allied fleet to create a valid landing spot. You can attack the massive IJN fleet with a single sub which “in theory” could win the battle, and send a fighter to attack the transports with the potential option to land back in the zone that the sub opened up.

    The transports are sunk, the allied sub is lost, and sadly there is no valid landing zone so the fighter crashes after the not-completely kamikaze mission. TripleA handles this correctly.

  • Basicaly during combat you have to demonstrate that there is a legal way to land.

    During combat there is no requirement anymore you can take away carriers first as the fighters are already there. There is no check during the combat rounds only during combat move and non combat move there is a check if the move is valid.

    During non combat you have to land as many of your planes as you can. So you must move a carrier to pick up surviving planes if that is possible.

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