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    Hey all.

    I haven’t played V3 yet, but wanted to see what anyone here who has played it thinks. Or whoever might have thoughts on this anyways!

    How much do you think the new V3 rules for the fall of France impacts the way you play as France in the pre-surrender of Paris game? I’m talking specifically the new rule where if Paris is surrounded it automatically surrenders without combat having to happen to take the city.

    Does this alter your France defense plans much? We all know France/Paris is going to fall. There’s no way it doesn’t. But the French players job, in my opinion, is to try and maximize the damage they do to German/Axis forces along the way.

    When I’ve played as the France/Allies in V2, I tend to focus a lot of my defenses split between Picardy and Paris. Alsace-Lorraine is usually pretty safe with a smaller force because of the Maginot line, and Southern France can be guarded by a smaller force as well, since I typically don’t see Italy making a ton of moves there with such little to in overall strength to maybe devote resources there instead of elsewhere in the Med. The way I see it, I want to stop the potential blitz action through Picardy into Normandy by making the battle last longer than 3 turns, but I also don’t want to potentially have Paris just fall without a fight. I leave small forces in Normandy and Aquitane typically, as I see Picardy and Paris as the focal points.

    But in V3, if Paris doesn’t even need to be assaulted, what do you do? Again, I haven’t played V3 just yet. I’m tempted to almost say there’s no point in garrisoning Paris itself at all, right? Isn’t it best to just stack your defenses at Picardy, Alsace-Lorraine, and Southern France? If the Axis breaks through, then they break through. At that point, maybe you retreat a few units to Paris so it doesn’t fall with literally no fight without being surrounded. But it seems to me the maximum effort a French player can do is to meet the enemy directly at the borders.

    Am I completely off base? What do you all do?

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    That rule hasn’t changed. Surrounding Paris in V-2 meant French surrender as well. It’s in the surrender conditions on the French national reference sheet.

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    Huh, I have no idea how that was missed before! I think I must have just seen capture and always stopped there. I’ll see if I can delete this post!

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