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  • Here are some pictures of my Axis & Allies collection as it is now in end of August 2020, I know of 3 more variations that I am missing for it to be complete (The MB Gamemaster version with the Dutch sticker and rules, the MB Gamemaster version with the french box and the 1981 Jedko Games edition), if anyone has these for sale (in good/complete condition), drop me a note and we can talk about it 🙂 also, if anyone knows of other editions missing from my collection, please let me know… 🙂 IMG_8768.JPG IMG_8767.JPG IMG_8766.JPG IMG_8765.JPG IMG_8764.JPG IMG_8763.JPG IMG_8762.JPG IMG_8761.JPG IMG_8760.JPG IMG_8759.JPG IMG_8758.JPG IMG_8757.JPG

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    I’m surprised that you don’t have one of the Anniversary Edition reprints from 2017. That box cover is different from the 2008 version, because the 2017 version doesn’t have the 50th Anniversary markings.

    For example:
    2008 box cover (source) :
    Image for the box top for the 2008 edition of A&A Anniversary

    2017 box cover (source) :
    Image for the box top for the 2017 edition of A&A Anniversary

    Notice the “Games 50” on the lower right corner of the 2008 box, compared to the minimum age and number of players information on the same corner of the 2017 box? It’s a small difference, to be sure. But as you seem to be collecting all of the different boxes, I thought I’d point that out. Besides, as it’s the reprint you would need to get to have this, it shouldn’t be too painful on the wallet.

    My 2 IPCs,


  • @Midnight_Reaper Thank you good sir… The first reason for why it is not in my collection is that I had no idea it excisted 😄 that is actually the only reason… But it has given me something to hunt for 😄 yay…

  • @Midnight_Reaper Hello good sir 🙂

    I have received the dutch version today, and the missing Anniversary version has been located and are on the way 🙂 yay…

    Do you have any news regarding the french/china expansion sheets we talked about for the Nova/Jedko version? 🙂 😄

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