• Discussing moderation of Steam forums is against Steam forum guidelines. But I do want to point out when I wrote recently that the 1942 Online developers need to read up on certain issues, that’s not a “personal attack”. If a teacher tells a student they haven’t done the homework when the student hasn’t done the homework it’s not a personal attack.

    Especially when it’s been a few months and the student still doesn’t know what the assignment is.

    Literally, how can the developers address an issue if they don’t understand the issue, if they don’t acknowledge the issue, and if they give every sign they don’t even know the issue exists, despite it being written out time and again in short and long versions by different posters over and over again for months at a time?

    I’m just saying right? I’m sure some people feel they’re trying very hard, but it’s at the point they need to either acknowledge they’re in over their heads on some matters (which happens, it’s not their fault if they don’t have a huge budget) OR they need to seriously get some work done.

    I mean hey. I’ve always said on Steam forums things happen, limited budgets, sure. But the developers never acknowledge there’s even any possibility of there being limited functionality or limited budget or anything. They just ignore issues or play them off as being non-issues or whatever.

    Like lack of simultaneous defender decisions, casualty assignation after like-valued dice instead of end of subphase - these are changes to the game.

    And even for use of allied carriers, it was played off as a total non-issue “it’s the same for both sides” until I wrote this


    It’s NOT the same for both sides. But I don’t expect that I need to write fifty pages of documentation to back up each and EVERY point I make (though God knows, I’ve written a LOT on Steam forums)

    Anyways players should know - if you don’t care about a load of gameplay compromises and the developers trying to play things off with total denial games, then yeah, go ahead and get 1942 Online.

    But otherwise? TripleA has a game state editor, chat, undo, and better UI in terms of presenting information to the user in terms of how many of what are on the board. AND TripleA doesn’t have developers characterizing LEGITIMATE CRITICISMS as “personal attacks”.

  • https://www.wargamer.com/articles/axis-and-allies-1942-online-early-access-gameplay/

    Will they ban the author of the article from commenting as well?

  • Ah he’s back! I agree with the casualty assignment thing. It is silly that this is different from the actual rules. The rational I got is that it makes things clearer when units fire one by one. Okay fine, then why not just have the units fire one by one, tally up the hits, and assign them at the end. I understand your frustrations with issues like this being written off, but at this point I have accepted it. The flawed internal mindset of a few key individuals (who are questionable fans of the game in the first place) probably will not change anytime soon unfortunately. Being in the Discord server made me realize this. Still though, I get a lot of enjoyment out of the game, and the interface is very pleasant to look at, so I am somewhat satisfied.

  • '22

    @aardvarkpepper You clearly have strong views on the direction that this game development should take. In the past 10 months, I’ve seen the game stability and user interface improve tremendously. When you frame your arguments in condescending terms of “teacher/student”, you’re not going to win many allies toward your argument. I don’t know the circumstances of you leaving the Discord channel, but I for one do not miss your presence or inflammatory rhetoric.

    @Brian-Cannon Here is a super easy step by step guide to test for dice fairness https://rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/70802/how-can-i-test-whether-a-die-is-fair. If you’re going to make assertions about dice fairness it would be great to have some form of empirical evidence. As a professional software developer and statistician, it’s amusing to see the number of people moaning about bad dice without evidence. It’s incredibly more difficult to generate non-random dice than it is to import an established pseudorandom integer generator.

  • @Boston_NWO Not going to beef with you Boston. I feel the way I feel and I feel it strongly as do many others. Computer programs fail, and they do so regularly. Rather than deal with the criticism by me and many others, the developers are just banning people from discussion on it. Look at the article link above. We differ on the point and I am not going to resort to criticism for the way you feel. I appreciate some of the advice and help you have given me, and I will leave it at that.

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    After being in quarantine for a bit, I’ve locked this topic. I decided to “undelete” it because @Boston_NWO has a good comment here. (Even though I’ve been known to complain about PRNG I also know doing this is as silly as the gambler’s fallacy; the dice just hate me, which is also a silly opinion because it is all just random).

    @aardvarkpepper You’ve said your piece repeatedly. You’ve had your say but you’re starting to take it a bit too far. Personally, I’ve read some of your complaints and reasons behind them, with an open mind, and I can’t follow everything (it doesn’t mean they’re not valid, I just have trouble following). (As a suggestion, not a personal attack) I think a more clear and succinct and dispassionate explanation might serve you well. (As an example, in my experience) I provided a lot of feedback before the release, some of it was fixed right away, some of it got fixed later, some of it is still outstanding.

    This is advice for everybody not just those involved in this thread.

    Finally, folks need to understand some things about software development:

    • It’s not nearly as fast as you think it is
    • However, sometimes it’s faster than you think it will be
    • As a customer, plan on it being slow so that you’re more pleased when it goes faster than you thought
    • Sometimes there are technical reasons, sometimes there are business reasons, and sometimes there are licensing reasons behind decisions.
    • Just because a person is developing a game doesn’t mean it’s “easy fun work.” In my opinion as a professional software developer and engineering manager, building games is tough work.
    • It’s really difficult to take feedback that is being shouted at you. mixed with attacks that come off as personal. You, the customer, may not see it as personal but the hard working developer does.
    • Most software projects have more bugs and future feature ideas than time. If I’m a project manager looking at priorities, an issue that is raised by only a small percentage of fans who are malicious about their feedback goes to the bottom of the list in favor of the succinct, straightforward bug report that affects more customer. Being a jerk does you a disservice to getting your issue fixed.

    To anybody and everybody reading this: In short, don’t be a jerk and be patient. File your bug. Answer follow-up questions if requested. If there is not response in 3-4 months, politely ask for an update.

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    Since this topic is locked. If you wish to discuss further, you can talk to me on direct messages.

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